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Last Updated: January 23, 2021

When Butterball decided they liked my last post enough to order a second helping (please expect many turkey and Thanksgiving puns from here), I was up for pretty much anything! The last time we’d danced, I wound up hanging with Team Andretti as we watched all manner of vehicle drive ludicrously fast down by Exhibition place. As a parent, husband and homeowner, it can be tough to find the time for hitting events, but when they’re cool enough, you make time.

Which is to say that a courier caught me by surprise when he arrived at my door with a 6-kilo turkey in hand!

#ButterBallMakesItEasy—Can Butterball Canada Turn Casey From a Kitchen Turkey to a Cooking Whiz—Butterball Stuffed Turkey in its Packaging

So, context. In the nearly 8 years we’ve been together, Sarah and I have tried to cook a turkey but once, so put off by the disastrous result that we never tried again. An undercooked bird, a handful of tantrums and a hazy period of spiteful vegetarianism later, it’s a task I ignored, thinking I wouldn’t need to do it until either set of parents decided they didn’t want to host family dinners anymore*.

But a big part of holidays is family, and now with one of my own, it’d probably be for the best if I learned a thing or two about putting a holiday spread together. I mean, it’s the least I could do for the people who’ve put up with me this long, right?

Butterball Canada | Barbecuing Turkey

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Quitting Boring Summers Cold Turkey!

It’s hard to believe that summer’s around the corner when you live in a city that feels a lot more March and a lot less May (I’d’ve said February, but we all know how horrible that was….)

This one will be a fairly new experience for me. Summer 2014 was fun enough, experiencing my city in different ways now that we had a baby to mind, but it’s not like he was going anywhere. Six-month olds crawl around at the best of times, and our son was content spending most of the summer planted firmly in place, simply marvelling at the new world around him.

For some reason, though, I don’t think we’ll have it as easy this time around.

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