In the Belly of the Beast

I told myself that once I made my way through my never-ending pile of paper, I’d get myself a Nintendo Switch with the latest Mario and Zelda games to reward myself for all the hard work. Which is great, because getting months ahead in my content by getting all of this done is the only… Continue reading In the Belly of the Beast

Live from the 3.5— Back to Black

“So,” you’re probably asking, “Whatever happened to your Black History Month series?” Anyone who pays attention to what goes down on this blog will know that this year’s Black History Month series—Live from the 3.5—took a bit of a hiatus just as quick as it started, leaving many scratching their heads as February rolled on.… Continue reading Live from the 3.5— Back to Black

Checking in

Hey all, So I have a lot of posts that are in “draft” status at the moment, so I figure you could do with hearing my voice since it’s been a little while. Enjoy a little slice of my life as I try to keep improving the things around me and trying to create a… Continue reading Checking in

Back from the Dead?

Blogging is hard. No matter how you look at it, blogging is never something that one can do passively—you need to be engaged in writing and keeping your audience involved in what’s going on. Obviously, I’ve failed at this. Excuses could be made, I could just try to ignore it and get back to writing… Continue reading Back from the Dead?

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