Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review

You’ll never know how messy your home can get until you have little creatures making themselves comfy in every nook and cranny. Some people have pets. Some, small children. But whichever you have, the same thing’s invariably true—thy create a mess wherever they go. Crumbs. Toys. Spills. Stains. It’s a daily ritual to get on my hands and… Continue reading Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review

Dyson v7 Car+Boat Review

You can’t be a Dad Blogger and forget the Dad part! I mean, sure, I love my #BloggerLife—it’s let me see many places and try all sorts of interesting things! But lots of that hustle keeps me away from home—events, dinners, staying on top of things at the 9-5… I’m all about keeping our house happy and… Continue reading Dyson v7 Car+Boat Review