Vlog post! Last day to vote for my Wolfram|Alpha Contest Entry!!!

Doomzvlog 01 03 2K11 – Final Day of Voting.m4v
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Calling EVERYONE! Last day of voting for the Wolfram|Alpha contest! http://bit.ly/CaseySpikey

16th place and rising! Thanks for the support!
–case p.

Doomzvlog Dec 31 2010 – Vote for Me Freestyle

Video 3.mp4
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I would like to blame Relax Wines, other German wines I cannot pronounce and Amathia Soapworks for this freestyle.

If you haven't, VOTE ALREADY. http://bit.ly/CaseySpikey – 26th out of 500! TAKING NO PRISONERS!
Vote daily until January 3rd!!!

DoomzVlog Dec 30 2010

So I tried. I really tried to put together a more stylish video with the tools available to me, but it just didn't work out this time. In this video, you'll hear about the WolframAlpha contest I'm participating in, why you need to go vote DAILY at http://bit.ly/CaseySpikey until January 3rd, and about some upcoming projects that I have in the works for 2011.

People mentioned:
Also mentioned in the video is a shot of how the rhombic hexecontahedron was mailed to me in the first place. Et voila:


Thanks for all your support πŸ˜€

–case p.

Vlog Dec 28 2010: 690 Bookmarks?!

Video 11.mp4
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Things I learned while making this vlog post:

  • iMovie is wack and I need a better video editing suite to get awesome captions and stuff on it
  • That hat looks okay on my head, though I'm not wearing it outside 'til spring and I should probably get one that's better made
  • I like videos and will have some AWESOME stuff to talk about REALLY SOON
  • Some jQuery. YES IT'S UNRELATED.

And now for a message from our sponsors…

vlog dec 22 2010.mp4
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Hoo boy. I've been seriously busy as of late. Doesn't excuse the lack of bloggage but… well… let's let the video speak for itself. More content coming soon!

–case p.