Karaoke, Cards and a bit of O Canada!

Who needs sleep? It’s the last day of the year and time to close up shop. Zach survived A Sponsored Life, Sarah begat new life unto the world, and you know what? It’s been a solid year. How solid, though? These last few posts should tell the tale!

Themify Review | The Need for Themes

Last Updated: January 16, 2021 It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Originally, this was just going to be a review of themify.me’s Fullscreen theme and what it’s done for me so far, but with the unexpected madness that’s been November; the hoops I needed to get through in order to get my site back and… Continue reading Themify Review | The Need for Themes

Ideas Unrealized: Baby Steps

So I wonder how many of you are actually seeing my posts, since I tend to post them pretty late into the night (11 PM-midnight EST or so)? I should try an experiment of having my posts go up at different times in the day to see what happens. Maybe my posts will get lost… Continue reading Ideas Unrealized: Baby Steps

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