Pi Day Activities from Kumon Canada!

Last updated on November 12th, 2020 at 11:11 am

Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Tomorrow’s March the 14th, and if you’re not nerdy enough to know what that means, my friends—you are living life wrong.

Known as Pi Day in homage to everyone’s favourite irrational number (sorry, e and i), celebrating it at 1:59 PM gives a date and time similar to π’s first decimal digits—i.e., 3/14 1:59 matches 3.14159.

And that’s at a basic level. My mathy ilk have toyed with this over the years—in 2015, π purists celebrated at 9:26 AM instead to honour the special date sequence exclusive to that year: 3/14/15 9:26, or 3.1415926 as π continues.

Whatever time you choose to celebrate Pi Day on the 14th, there’re two things you should definitely do if you want to make it memorable—grab your favourite pie flavour to enjoy with family and friends (cherry, lemon meringue, apple and/or pizza for me, for future reference), and have fun with some π-themed activities that’ll get everyone in the spirit!

With our young minds in mind, Kumon Canada‘s Math and Reading Centre Instructors compiled a list of Pi Day activities you can do with your children this March Break to incorporate learning even when they’re not at school! Here’re a few fun ways to celebrate Pi Day and have your kids problem-solve and learn with the Kumon self-learning method at the same time!

1. Make a Pi Bracelet or Necklace

Nothin' But Praise for Pi Day Thanks to Kumon Canada!—Pi Bracelet or Necklace MakingTo celebrate Pi Day this year, break out the craft kit and make yourself a fun fashion accessory!


  • Different colours of beads
  • Pipe cleaners, thread or string
  • A pen and a pad of paper


  1. Nothin' But Praise for Pi Day Thanks to Kumon Canada!—Pi Bracelet or Necklace ExampleWrite out as many Pi digits as you can and colour code each number.
  2. Grab different colours of beads and begin to string them on the thread or a pipe cleaner you select to make your bracelet.
  3. Start to place the beads on the thread in order of Pi’s number sequence and the colours you’ve selected for each digit.
  4. Tie up the thread and wear your new accessory – use it to memorise the digits of Pi!
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