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We’ve come a long way from when I bought my first cell phone in early ’02, keeping a close eye on how many texts I sent and chastising friends who’d call in the daytime unless it was an emergency. Everything’s gotten so much more complex since then! Smartphones are as ubiquitous as our wallets, many of us unable to function without them by our sides. We’re connected in ways we couldn’t even imagine a decade ago, popping things on Facebook or Instagram to help tell our story. But somewhere in the mix, we forgot about a lingering question underlying it all, one governing just how good we actually have it at the end of the day —

do we have the right PHONE PLANS?

#TogetherBetterHappiness — How Public Mobile's Changing the Wireless Game — The Smartphone, an Undeniable Staple in Our Lives

How Inateck Helps Catalogue and Store Your Data!

Last Updated: November 6, 2020.

“‘Cuz falling off is a sickness, I heard that it’s quite contagious.”
— Kendrick Lamar, “The Heart, Pt. 3 (featuring Jay Rock & Ab-Soul)” (2012)

I Am Not a Sellout.

How did I put a bow on 2014? By letting someone know how I really felt.

Casey Palmer Facebook Status December 30 2014
I don’t usually post rants on my Facebook, but when I do

The end of a year that was entirely too long, I finished 2014 yearning to get back to basics, as the #BloggerLife had spun out of control and the blog more about the swag I got than the man behind the words.

So when someone commented on a post, calling me a sellout in a situation that’d be otherwise innocuous, I decided I’d had enough. I let it all out in a Facebook post that laid my feelings bare, sharing everything that’d bothered me in my #BloggerLife for some time, but never given voice.

I’m not a sell-out — I refuse to sell out. If there’s one thing I can tell you from years of blogging, it’s that authenticity matters, and there’s an inherent value to the space you build on the Web — no one in their right mind would give up years of work to grease their palm a little.

Only a couple of months into 2015, I’ve scaled back on my sponsored posts and giveaways. Though my Gmail still gets pitches and invites daily, I’ve set my mind on getting my act together this year — I’ll need to if I plan to make the #BloggerLife even better!