The 2K11 24/7 CXXXIX: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s no secret — I’ve been working my ass off lately. Coworkers dropping like flies, a wedding just under 9 days away and all the side projects I constantly pursue, oh yeah. Busy’s the name of the game.
From my interactions in the world of social media these last months, I know I’m not the only one. I exist as a member of a society prone to working themselves to the bone. 11 o’clock finishes to the day. Non-existent weekends. In-fighting to get the best bonuses.

The 2K11 24/7 CXXX: Working to Live -or- Living to Work?

Us Torontonians are very strange beasts. A while back, I spoke about one of the questions you’ll hear more often than not in our fair city when two people are meeting for the first time:

“What do you do?”

The 2010 20K: Day 23 – Enduring the LONG weekend


If a 14 year-old can do it, Doomz can do it too, right? I’ve gotta schedule an appointment with a Financial Rep. One that actually knows what they’re doing – tax season is around the corner – RSPs need consolidating, TFSAs need attending to and stocks need investing. Penny stocks? I think the 2010 20K could handle that. Money often doesn’t do much if it’s just sitting around on its own, if I’m not mistaken.

Sarah got a survey in the mail from here:

And after confirming its legitimacy, I’ve decided to give ’em all that personal info they so desperately want – I mean, there’s the chance of getting a prize of $7,500 in the best-case scenario, and getting coupons at the worst, so it’s not really all that bad, right?

So today, while not directly affecting the finances, was good for talks, brainstorming and following up with future clients. Always keeping busy! Didn’t get around to dropping a line on any other bloggers – and the rest of the weekend is still looking to be filled with a ton of work, but hey. Can’t win ’em all, although I try.

  • The 2010 20K Running Total = $63.04
  • The Google Adsense Running Total = $77.17 (Thanks so much! please keep clicking ads at! It’s thoroughly appreciated!!
  • Comments, as well, are also very much appreciated 😉

And for a special treat, a sound post of Team R&C just doing what they do best.

(Going all sorts of crazy!)

Peace and thanks for reading,

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 22 – Prelude to a LONG weekend

Man! Anyone looking to hire an SEO expert part-time? 'Cause I'm starting to get there! Thanks to people helping me out over the last few days, I've learned about:

  • Site registration
  • Better use of meta tags
  • Google Webmaster tools

Among other things – it's going to be easier to customize my blog (and future sites) to meet the needs and demands of my audience with all the tools I'll have at my disposal! (Cue psychotic evil laughter.)

I'm hoping you'll see them soon, but I feel that my other websites are coming together pretty well. I tend to make a lot of notes in notebooks, Google Docs, text files, etc., so now I'm just getting them all together to make sure that I'm not missing anything – content is king, right?

End of the month is creeping up on us faster than I'd like! I'm really REALLY hoping to get more work time in this weekend, but it seems to slowly be slipping out of my fingers as more things pop up. I wouldn't do so well as a hermit – I can tell.

Post-work update:

Soooo, I've just taken a bunch of work home for the weekend, which gives me an extra challenge – doing that work on top of the work I already planned to do for the 2010 20K. Hm. Looks to me like I'll be a shut-in for the most part. Hoping to hear some good news on a few different projects this weekend (commissioners, you know who you are!), so hopefully you'll see some new stuff coming in the next while!

Threw some ideas out at my friends tonight while at the Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre (I totally guessed whodunnit), and people seem to be keen on what's coming next. That's always encouraging 🙂

Right, time to pack it in – all the stuff I have piled up to do won't do itself. Unless, yanno, I win the lottery and hire someone, but we've seen how well THAT works for me :D!

Anyway, time for the figures:

  • The 2010 20K Running Total = $63.04
  • The Google Adsense Running Total = $68.05 (Thanks so much! please keep clicking ads at! It's thoroughly appreciated!)
  • There's also the option of donating to PayPal by clicking on the button on the right side of my blog!
  • Comments, as well, are also very much appreciated 😉

Blog Sidebar = needs moar links! Weekend quick project, methinks!

Rest well, my readers! One day soon, I shall attempt to KNOCK thine SOCKS OFF!

Until then,

–case p.