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#TeamTrolling group shot at Lou Dawgs Bar-B-Q

Putting 2012 on the Shelf — Here’s to 2013!

Another year gone, another year where we reflect on what happened, what we wanted to happen, what we wish had happened, and what we hope happens in the next year – our next attempt at getting life right. I don’t even need to think about it — 2012 stands out as […]

A November to Remember, Verse 1: A Close Shave and The Novel That Never Was

Every year. Every year we go through this. We near the end of the year, wondering where all the time went and lamenting all the things we failed to do over the months. We plan to close out the year with a bang and swear to make a better […]

The 2K11 24/7 LX: The February Wrap-up

It occurs to me today that I should’ve posted this yesterday, but hey – you live, you learn.  February wrap-up – what did we learn in the shortest month of the year? That you have to make an effort to keep your friendships going Just because our grandparents […]

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