Talia Leacock, Storyteller | #Chronicle150 #34

For the #Chronicle150, one thing I really appreciate is when people don’t feel forced to stick to the script. I met Talia when scouting contributors for this year’s Tales from the 2.9, quickly intrigued when I realised she holds a degree in professional writing from York University! I’ve developed a real love for the craft over… Continue reading Talia Leacock, Storyteller | #Chronicle150 #34

Robert Iveniuk, Writer | #Chronicle150 #29

I admittedly had a far more grandiose introduction in mind for the second phase to #Chronicle150, but there’s an àpropos saying about the best-laid plans of mice and men that comes to mind instead. Tales from the 2.9 was quite the ordeal and an ambitious way to start #Chronicle150, but with my annual Black History… Continue reading Robert Iveniuk, Writer | #Chronicle150 #29

Samantha Kemp-Jackson | Tales from the 2.9, Vol 2. #6

I’ve faced a number of issues as a Black Canadian, yes, but those suffered by Black Canadian women are on a different level entirely. It’s no coincidence that the Women’s March happened the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as President—his election campaign was awash with sexist sentiment leaving women feeling more objectified than ever, so… Continue reading Samantha Kemp-Jackson | Tales from the 2.9, Vol 2. #6

Chattrisse Dolabaille | Tales from the 2.9, Vol. 2 #2

Some people I meet in the most interesting places. Back in 2014, Tobago’s Division of Tourism and Transportation held the 60 Days in Paradise contest, seeking an “Island Connoisseur” to promote Tobago and all it offers to Canadians looking to travel. Though the competition wound up feeling like a bit of a sham, I did… Continue reading Chattrisse Dolabaille | Tales from the 2.9, Vol. 2 #2

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