Casey Palmer 2020: Growing Up For Once.

January 29, 2020β€”we’re almost a month into the new year; I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought that I quit?

But no, as usual, it’s quite the oppositeβ€”I’m working hard to reach the point where I don’t have to work this hard at all.

…let me explain.

Where We Left Off.

We ended 2019 with a post looking back at my last ten years, all the things I learned, and some of the hopes and dreams I had for the decade ahead.

But hoping and dreaming for things isn’t nearly enough to make them happen, so I hunkered down to start laying the groundwork for the future I saw ahead.

Casey Palmer 2020 - Growing Up For Once. β€” The Life of Casey the Dad

Hammering away blindly looking to stumble upon a result isn’t good enough, thoughβ€”you can only work so hard. There are only so many hours in the day. You run out of steam, life distracts you, and if you’re not creating with an ongoing distribution strategy in mind, it means you’re shooting content off into the internet, never to see it again.

And when you’ve spent the better part of a decade putting well over a thousand posts out into the digital ether, let me tell youβ€”that’s a lot of wasted potential.

But sometimes even the oldest dogs can learn new tricks, and that’s what squirrelled away this last little bit.

That said, though we have a myriad of tools in 2020 to do fantastic work, do we have what it takes to use them?

Destroy and Rebuild β€” or β€” How to Have Your Digital Cake and Eat it, TOO.

I know many bloggers who make their reputation in a specific genre based more on their interaction with people via Twitter and at parties than by actually writing blog posts.

A friend who doesn’t fit this scenario at all has a saying… β€˜I’m not a blogger I just talk a lot’. What’s strange about that saying is that he best describes the so-called β€˜famous bloggers’ more than he describes himself. The dude actually has good content and Β close to 700 blog posts over nearly five years!

…[Casey] lives the dream family- and job-wise but still finds time to fork out nearly a blog a week. I’m pretty sure he’s Clark Kent by day and the Superman of the blogs by night. But as his quote goes, he obviously feels that the words aren’t enough.”

— Eric Freedlander, “When the Words Weren’t Enough We Had Milk

It’s been half a decade since my buddy Eric wrote these words about me, but they’ve only grownΒ truer over time. The fam’s grown bigger. The job more complex. I’m still churning content on theΒ daily.

But though the hustle’s still real, aΒ lot changes over timeβ€”let me tell you a bit about what my #BloggerLife’s like today.

DESTROY | Blogging Ain’t Like It Used To Be.

It’s been a long time since what I do was “just blogging”. I’ve obsessively raised the bar time and time again since the turn of the decade, seeing the brand evolve into somethingΒ unrecognisable from its beginnings. I swapped consistency out for quality and socialising out for scribing. I needed to see how high I could reach before I closed this chapter of my life.

But this gig ain’tΒ easy.

DESTROY | You Can’t Do the Same Thing Forever and Expect the Same Results.

Anthony Sistilli put it well when he shared his story of mastering StarCraft II on Medium. His take on his journey was this:

“Breaking my plateaus felt like rebuilding myself from scratch… [t]here were cracks in my foundation, gaps in my understanding, and a lot of things that needed refining. I had to reinvent the way I played. In order to go higher I had to break it down and rebuild it up again.”

When you stop feeling like you’re growing, it’s time for someΒ serious self-evaluation, and figure out whether you’re doing the things youΒ should be doing.

#100HappyDays β€” Day 16 β€” Pink Shirt Day β€” Casey Palmer

And Anthony’sΒ rightβ€”there are so many of us who’ve been at this sinceΒ forever, but we haven’t made it big because we haven’t tapped into what makes each of usΒ unique and stand out from the crowd.

Papier β€” An Old School Blogger’s Battle with Perfectionism

It’s the same thing every timeβ€”sit down, pull out my stack of paper and rifle through it ’til I find something good to write about. Sometimes I come up short. Sometimes I find a gem. I never quite know what I’ll find, but the one thing I know’s that I’ll always wander back to my palace of paper with hundreds of half-formed thoughts waiting to spring to life!

A Slave to My Machinations β€” What it Takes to Put Out a Post

I’ll probably never escape my process.

Papier β€” An Old School Blogger's Battle with Perfectionism β€” Desk Setup Busy Working
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

The most significant problem of this empire of paperΒ  I’ve built for myself is that it takesΒ so long to transform ideas into posts that at times it feels like I’m not making progress atΒ all.

NaBloPoMo 2017, Day 1 | Why I Do What I Do.

Last Updated: November 1, 2020

“I feel like most of your posts are apologies for not posting more.”

— a Facebook friend on my last post

The Last 60 Days.

T.G.I.N., y’allβ€”ThankΒ Goodness It’sΒ November!

With another Halloween in the books (and less of a haul than the year before, but heyβ€”I hear transitioning from naps will do that to you), I’m finally free to turn my eyes to the rest of 2017 and what it yet has in storeβ€”a perfect time to take one last run at unfinished resolutions and dangling loose ends.

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer β€” NaBloPoMo, Day 1 β€” Why I Do What I Do. β€” The Palmer Boys

With sixty days left in the year (not including today), it’d be all too easy to bow out and rest. 2017’sΒ vastly exceeded my expectations in ways I’d never imagined, but it’s not without costβ€”my triple life’s an unyielding one, but I’d likely give up aΒ thousand nights’ rest if it meant I could continue chasing my ambitions.

I guess you could call meΒ obsessed. With potential, with growth, obsessedΒ with the freakin’ hustle… it’s tiring work, but I’d have it no other wayβ€”it’s what I need to do to get where I want to be.

But in this drive to become my best self, some fear I’ve lost my wayβ€”that money and opportunity have led me astray, and that the Casey who got me this far’s a memory… but that’s not it at all.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: #Chronicle150 β€” 150 Truly Canadian Stories for its 150th Birthday!!!

What IS #Chronicle150?

As you may have heard, it’s Canada’s sesquicentennial this yearβ€”our nation’s turning 150 years old, and it’s kind of a big deal! Canada rarely sees an event that’s both this unifying and uniquely our own, so here at Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad, we’re looking to do something special to mark the occasion!

Which is why from February 1st through June 30thβ€”the 150 days leading up to Canada Dayβ€”we’re putting #Chronicle150 together: 150 Truly Canadian Stories for its 150th Birthday! Over these 150 days, we’re looking to showcase a story per day that truly captures the multitude of ways we can spell out what it means to be Canadian! We want new immigrant stories. Multigenerational stories. Any story that truly defines the Canadian experience for you is one we’re looking to share! It’s a lofty, ambitious project, and we’d love for you to be part of an opportunity that doesn’t come ’round every year!

The project will lead in with Tales from the 2.9, celebrating the voices of Black Canadians from coast to coast, and then explore a diverse set of stories from March onward.

#Chronicle150 – What Do I Need?

If you’re interested in participating, we’ll need the following from you:

  • At least two high-resolution photos of yourself (preferably one landscape for the header image) and any other imagery you’d like to include
  • A short bio with any website or social media links you’d like to include with your submission
  • The answers to these questions:
    • Who are you and what are you all about?
    • What makes you so Canadian?
    • If you could distill your world to one story or moment that truly defines what being Canadian means to you, what would it be?
    • This is Canada today after 150 years. Where would you like to see it go from here on out?
    • Finally, what’s the one thing you think the rest of the world needs to know about Canada?

So here’s hoping we can all work together to create something memorable, and on Canada Day look back at a 150th birthday gift it can celebrate for 150 more!

Thanks for considering and I hope to hear back from you!