The Year That Was… 2012.

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Another year gone, another year where we reflect on what happened, what we wanted to happen, what we wish had happened, and what we hope happens in the next year—our next attempt at getting life right.

I don’t need to think about it—2012 stands out as one of the craziest years I’ve had yet. From mountain climbing to cutting loose to bending the very nature of probability, dull moments weren’t something I was really concerned with these past 366 days.

Trippin’: Killin’ Kili and Caribbean Dreamin’

Killin’ Kili

So as you might recall, this year I managed to climb Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaroone of the Seven Summits of the World! Even though it wasn’t initially my idea, once I got there, I knew I couldn’t turn back and learned a lot about myself in the process.

What I didn’t talk about and share as much was the experience on safari after.

While I won’t go into elaborate detail in this post on the sights I saw and the things I did while on the dusty trail, I definitely hope to share it all with you someday—nothing you get in the big city compares to the experiences you can have while on the Savannah!

Caribbean Dreamin’

I’d hoped to write an entry on our Caribbean cruise as part of the November to Remember series, but the holiday season took over and it never happened (which I’m okay with, as I still have 200 photos waiting for post-production from that trip!)

One day I’ll tell you all about it.

One day.

The Man Behind the Camera

I did more photography this year than any before, covering events like Social Media Week Toronto, Toronto Pride 2012 and several tweetups and networking events. Wherever I would go, one of my cameras was sure to follow.

In 2013, I hope to continue capturing the experiences people have around me daily, honing my craft with better equipment, more experimentation and refining my technique.

#TeamTrolling and my Tweeps

2012 would see a group of friends come together that’re unified by a love of laughter, a fiending for food and just being all-around good people to spend time with.

I was very blessed this year to get to know friends like Christine even better, while still developing many relationships that I’ve made over the last decade!


Sometimes you have to be a one-person army to get things done, and for me, that meant blowing the dust off of my graphics tablet and working on the logo for Mansformation in Adobe Illustrator. After a lot of tweaking and input from my wife and good friends, I was able to come up with this—something that I think I’m going to be pretty happy with for a good while!

One of the more unexpected things that happened this year was developing Mansformation—an idea that’d started as a bit of a joke and developed into a project with real potential!

I love everyone who’s supported Mansformation so far, and look forward to all the things I can do with it in 2013! I feel like this year’s will be one for the history books!

2012 had no shortage of celebration going on! Between a private Halloween party, a birthday party that easily went down in infamy and just about any other event that Twitter could throw at us—there’s been no rest for the wicked!

In some ways, I’m surprised that I managed to get anything done in 2012!

Even though the year will likely start slow with people worn out from December and trying to fill the gaping wounds left in their wallets, as the weather warms up, so will the events as they get bigger and badder throughout the year!

Better get that rest while you can!

Dating Lady Luck

A common theme in the latter part of 2012 was winning stuff.

To the point where it was ridiculous.

Winning bottles of booze and conference tickets was one thing, but top-of-the-line phones? Trips to Vegas??? Lady Luck was way kinder to me than I could’ve ever anticipated in 2012!

Love & Marriage

A shot of Casey and Sarah at the "Thermae Romae" TIFF premiere!
Thanks to Meg, we could check out the “Thermae Romae” premiere!

And, of course, this was my first full year as a married man. No more wedding planning, no more trying to figure out honeymoon details—just continuing to learn about each other and how to co-exist so that we both win.

It was a good year for both of us to relax since you never know what the future will bring!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for many decades yet to come!

It Was a Good 2012. Here’s to 2013!

Most of all, this is the year it all started to click. Where social media became a bit less of just being another place to have fun and started being somewhere that could help define the future of not only me but a whole heap of people who I know!

Have a happy new year, mes amis—something tells me that 2013’s will be amazing!!!

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

The Year That Was… 2011

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Well, that didn’t turn out exactly as planned—ended up some posts shy of my original goal, but I managed to get a lot out, a lot written, and make some progress in life.

The 2K11 24/7 Wrap-Up

I’m happy to have made it through 2011 in one piece with plenty of hope and positive prospects for 2012 afoot. 2011 was my most challenging year so far—here’s a monthly look at just what went down:

  • January: Won a $2000 Wolfram Mathematica licence in the Wolfram|Alpha Holiday Gift-Away: Deck the Halls with Facts & Knowledge thanks to friends and family; win a new Cisco router at #ReGiftTO
  • February: My boss left our branch, changing the entire dynamic and environment of our office
  • March: Found the amazing Burberry suit that I’d wear to the wedding
  • April: Lots of wedding prep and finding time to hang out with friends before becoming a married man
  • May: Got married, had a crazy bachelor party in Montreal, head off to Europe on honeymoon for three weeks, going well into June, bought an iPad
  • June: Come back, face reality. Work hard.
  • July: Decide not to throw any more birthday parties and travel instead, go camping with the in-laws
  • August: Montreal Part 2, hit up the de Bruyn cottage in Quebec for an extremely relaxing weekend, start new job!
  • September: See high school friends after a very long time, take up sewing classes
  • October: Cottage Antics at another cottage
  • November: Headed out to Boston only to find that Toronto’s better
  • December: Start yet another job, have some crazy times with Twitter folk at HoHoTO, and wrap up a very busy year.

Living a life filled with regret isn’t what anyone wants—we focus on the years of constant lessons; figuring out who we are, what we’re about and where we’d like to improve; and we acknowledge the progress we’ve made and where we’d eventually like to get to.

And that’s simply for the things we do casually.

What if you work on something with a little more intensity? If you do something very regularly, the improvement to your task happens over a much shorter time than one might expect! It might take 10,000 hours to master something, but by no means does that mean it all happens at a constant rate!

For me, in 2011, it was definitely this blog.

Lessons from the 2K11 24/7—What I Learned from a Year of Almost-Daily Blogging

When I started writing the 2K11 24/7 back in January, it was primarily just to prove that I could write a blog post a day. All I had at the time was a catchy-enough name. No real theme. No real idea of what content I’d write—just a name.

The blog took on a life of its own as time passed—I found myself really assessing my life, trying to learn more about the world and why it was so messed up—writing all the time had me thinking about things I hadn’t dredged up in my mind in a very long time.

On top of this blog’s message, I learned more about what it means to be a blogger. I learned about marketing, coding and analytics; got more involved in Toronto communities both online and offline—all things I didn’t know would be fundamental to my success as a blogger; I just discovered it all as my journey progressed!

Lots of major events and life changes, but it wasn’t without its disappointments as well. Life isn’t perfect and neither are we—in 2011, I strove to put out a blog post a day, but in November, the malaise that often comes from too much repetition and routine would find me, sending me off to look for other projects and to finish the year with a blog just 30-40 posts short of 365.

While on one hand, I could beat myself up for not having made it all the way, that’s over 300 quality posts! 300 posts of blood, sweat and tears invested in posts of various topics—forgive the visual.

2012 will be even better — I look forward to not chaining myself to the computer in search of things to cover each and every day!

What’s the plan for next time? Just wait and see!

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad


2011. Signing out.

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