Purifying Casa de Palmer with the Power of Pine-Sol®!

I think my recently-published caption for the Metro News Arts Challenge says it all:

Cleaning. I loathe cleaning. Not that I don’t try to keep things clean—as a self-aware creative, I know my activities can bring out the worst in my environment, so I often rein ’em in so I won’t needlessly invest hours cleaning things up later.

But even so, there’s the cleaning you can’t avoid. The scummy toilet servicing a family of four. The ring around the bathtub not unlike the one in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. Raising a family comes with a boatload of responsibility, and not all of it’s nice.

Purifying Casa de Palmer with the Power of Pine-Sol®—Casa De Palmer's Living Room v2Keeping a house tidy with little kids afoot’s a real pain in the butt. We have a housekeeper who keeps the place looking 1920’s new, but our toddler’s skilled—he returns it to chaos in ten minutes or less! So part of our daily routine is waging a war on mess. We scrub our floors. We do the laundry. Anything we can find to make our house fit to live in—and keep it that way—is what makes for busy evenings, day in, day out.

And it’s exactly in that routine where we fit in the power of Pine-Sol® to help make it all a little easier.

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