The Sweat You Break at the Y

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 11:28 pm

“I’m going to Mexico next year!”
“Oh, nice!”
“Yeah, we’ll be hitting up the Azul Fives for a wedding!”
“Nice! It gives you a year to take care of…” (looks me up and down) “…that.”

— an uncomfortable conversation between a colleague and I

Ever since becoming a Dad, I’ve admittedly let myself go. Before the kids were around, I did it all—intramural sports, biking in the summers, working on my feet all day… but it all seemed to change so suddenly. I got an office job. I had to start choosing family suppers over sports. My routine suddenly saw considerably less physical activity, and I gained the Fatherhood Fifteen to prove it!

But as with most life changes, you eventually find your groove. Now that the boys are a little older and we’ve returned to some regular routines, it’s up to me to take control and make exercise a part of my life again.

And where better to do it than the YMCA of Greater Toronto?