The Sweat You Break at the Y

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 11:28 pm

“I’m going to Mexico next year!”
“Oh, nice!”
“Yeah, we’ll be hitting up the Azul Fives for a wedding!”
“Nice! It gives you a year to take care of…” (looks me up and down) “…that.”

— an uncomfortable conversation between a colleague and I

Ever since becoming a Dad, I’ve admittedly let myself go. Before the kids were around, I did it all—intramural sports, biking in the summers, working on my feet all day… but it all seemed to change so suddenly. I got an office job. I had to start choosing family suppers over sports. My routine suddenly saw considerably less physical activity, and I gained the Fatherhood Fifteen to prove it!

But as with most life changes, you eventually find your groove. Now that the boys are a little older and we’ve returned to some regular routines, it’s up to me to take control and make exercise a part of my life again.

And where better to do it than the YMCA of Greater Toronto?

The 2017 100 Wrap-Up: 31 Successes.

Last updated on April 30th, 2021 at 04:56 pm

Several weeks, a few dozen photos and four thousand words later, we’ve finally made it—the Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad 2017 wrap-up, filled with stories aplenty of 365 days spent in my not-so-orthodox life.

After wrapping the year up on a quiet note (because two sick children under five will do that to you), I still felt it necessary to do this. These year-to-year changeovers offer a lot of perspective for me—with so much happening all the time, I often forget what I had for breakfast, so I write everything down. And if the height of the pile on my desk is any sign, 2017 was quite the year. But it’s also the time where I’m the most transparent, looking back objectively at everything I’ve done and celebrating successes, owning up to failures, hoping all the while that I’m somehow growing from the process.

But yeah—let’s do this as we did in 2016: look at the year in excruciating detail, figuring out what’s worth taking with me into 2018 versus what doesn’t feel part of my world anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present—the 31 things I did well in 2017! Let’s get it!

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