The 2017 100

Unless my life sees some major changes this year, 2017 may mark the last list of 100! It’s January 13th—I’ve spent nearly two weeks of my new year agonising over 100 items that matter enough to hit a list of goals and aspirations for the year ahead. And that’s a key difference from the lists… Continue reading The 2017 100

Social Media, Stocks and a SHEvolution Gone Wrong

Last Updated: November 7, 2020. It’s the third of 10 posts for my end-of-year wrap-up for The 2013 100, where I tell you all about the past 365 (or so) days, what I managed to pull off, which plans were a flop, and what I’ll try to do again in 2014. In retrospect, 2013 was… Continue reading Social Media, Stocks and a SHEvolution Gone Wrong

Evolution of a Species

It’s on days like today that the tank just seems to be running on empty. Where the first two days returning to work after being gone for a month seem like the longest and sending a Saturday babysitting—while fun—kinda derails you from your regular thought process. It’s days like today where I remember videos like… Continue reading Evolution of a Species

To Infinity and Beyond

We are only limited by ourselves. Our fears and worries, our abilities and ambitions—these are only examples of the things that govern how far we can get in our lives. However, truly being the masters of our destinies is far from an easy task. I feel like I’m burning the candle at more ends than… Continue reading To Infinity and Beyond

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