Back to the Motherland

Last updated on March 8th, 2021 at 03:52 pm

Well, someone’s motherland, anyway. I think my family’s about 5 or more generations removed from having set foot on the continent of Africa.

But it’s here! We’re finally on our way out to climb Kilimanjaro, traverse dusty trails to see sights of rare animals (yeah, thanks a lot, humanity…) and get some much-needed R&R.

Unlike previous vacations, for most of the trip the Internet won’t even be an option available to me—for 2-3 weeks, I’ll vanish from the ‘Net entirely.

If work hadn’t been so hectic the last little while, I might’ve scheduled some new content for y’all, but life often has its own designs for us far removed from our control.

So as I prepare for more than a day’s worth of travel, I’ll take a page from Damien’s book and detox from the media I’m always consuming.

Have a good time one and all—I’ll be back before you know it! (That’s the way vacations usually work, don’t they?)

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3 replies on “Back to the Motherland”

Like the title; reminds me of Black Eye Peas’ “Apl Song”.

You know that the R&R starts AFTER Kilimanjaro, right? :-p

I just twigged that there’ll be no Internet while on safari. Yikes! Maybe at some of the lodges..

See ya Wednesday!

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