DADDY'S GOT A BRAND NEW TOY- TELUS x The 1st Gen Moto 360 — -Mr. Nice Watch- (Featured Image)

Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch (1st Gen) | TELUS

"Mr. Nice Watch"

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 07:35 am

“No more Mr. Nice Guy—hello, Mr. Nice Watch!”

— J. Cole, “Mr. Nice Watch” (featuring Jay Z), Cole World: The Sideline Story (2011)

What Dick Tracy dreamt up in the ’40s and Inspector Gadget toyed with in the ’80s is something I’m finally getting to play with myself in 2016! Replacing my regular wristwatch, the Moto 360 smartwatch1 is my latest device from TELUS that just might change everything.

Like much new tech, when we think of the smartwatch, the first word that usually comes to mind is “gimmicky”. In a world where the smartphone’s changed our relationship with tech so much we barely remember life without it, who wants yet another device? And one with less functionality, a smaller screen, and—frankly—isn’t all that smart without a phone to pair it to?

Busy people, that’s who! I never saw myself needing a smartwatch before rocking one on my wrist, but between raising my family, my 9-5, and managing a growing digital brand, I keep finding new ways to work the Moto 360 into my life—with everything going on, I need all the help I can get!

The Moto 360—Tick Tock Unlocking Possibilities!

“[The] Moto 360 begs to be worn.”

–Leslie Hicks, Color and Trend Designer, Motorola Mobility

So what’s life like with a smartwatch on your wrist? It’s like getting everything you’d normally get from your phone while barely moving a muscle to do it. I get notifications and daily steps at a glance; can start timers and audio recordings with a tap, and can even use it as a remote shutter if I’m looking to get really artsy. It’s got plenty to offer already, and it’s only getting better!

In the years we’ve worked together, TELUS and I found something in common: we love tech that makes our lives easier—the Moto 360 falls right in line.

As homes get smarter and the tech in our pockets grow essential to our lives, you’re gonna want the ways you access it to follow suit. You might not see it now, but there will come a day we look back at 2016, wondering how we ever survived on phones alone! We’ll turn stoves on during train rides home; transfer funds through encoded biometrics (not chip cards or cheques); and rethink the wallet as banking, medical and identification information get consolidated into universal profiles.

In short, as tech changes our lives change along with it, and the Moto 360’s but the tip of the iceberg for the things this evolution makes possible!

The Moto 360—Here for the Holidays. Get on it!

So if you’re looking for the holiday gift for the person who has everything, how about preparing them for the things that don’t yet exist? by showing them some of the ways some smart tech can change their life!

Because remember—people once thought that cell phones were just a fad… look at them now.

Thanks for reading and may your tech grow ever smarter,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Disclaimer: TELUS gave me a Moto 360 smartwatch to rock on my wrist, no strings attached.

But I found it so convenient that I decided it deserved a review of its own!

Opinions are 100% my own, and if you need me, I’ll be over here dabbling with technology from the future! 

  1. The Moto 360 linked here is for the second model released in 2016, which is basically the 2014 model with some new tricks. ↩︎


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