TELUS x Read for the Cure — Authors and Tablets and Giving, Oh My!

TELUS x Read for the Cure

A Tale of Prose and Philanthropy

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 10:05 pm

With the Christmas season around the corner, we’re encouraged not to think so much about ourselves and everything we want to see under the tree, but more so of others, keeping not only the people close to us in mind, but also all those served by various charities and programs around us who’ll always benefit from any extra help their communities can give.

This in mind, through the work I’ve done with TELUS through 2015, I’ve seen that they’re big into charitable action, making sizeable donations to benefits, running unique campaigns, and constantly staying involved in their communities, trying to build awareness of the diverse needs that people have to thrive in today’s world while working at improving things a bit at a time.

TELUS is no different in their support for Read for the Cure, an event run with the help of Penguin Random House of Canada through September, October and November for nearly a decade now that features authors speaking about their work instead of your regular book reading. With a $95 ticket, you get access to your favourite authors through a question and answer session at the end of each chat, some nibbles to nosh on, and copies of the three books being discussed so you can continue your journey at home! Since 2007, Read for the Cure has donated a staggering $850,000 to cancer research, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2015!

To that extent, TELUS wants to put some money where their mouth is and help generate more awareness for the cause, donating $1 to cancer research for every tweet with the #Read4Cure hashtag, to a maximum of $5000!

So if you love reading and want to support a charitable cause this holiday season, Read for the Cure is creeping up quickly, and with Ian Brown’s Sixty, Wab Kinew’s The Reason You Walk and Kim Thuy’s Mãn on deck, it’d be a shame to miss out! With any luck I’ll see you there along with the hundreds of avid readers who’ll be attending this unique experience!

‘Tis the season to get up off our butts and make the world around us even a little better than it was before we stepped into it. Why not do it with a book in hand?

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Disclaimer: While my wife and I received complimentary tickets to the Toronto Read for the Cure event, I’m hoping we can all bring in a lot more than the $190 we would’ve paid for tickets to support the cause through the contest above! Don’t make me look bad, guys!


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