The 2010 20K: Day 19 – Staking a Claim on the Internet

Still brokering deals with a few people to get some side work done – I'd like to thank everyone who's come forth with ideas on what can be done to help raise cash over the course of the 2010 20K – one thing I also need to work on, however, is exposure. I went and signed up on Technorati so I could claim my blog, I'm making sure to try and get maximum exposure when I post the blog entries up – oh man, I am PUMPED.

I know, as well, that I'm far from the first person to try and make money on the side, and far from the first person to document the efforts. A couple of blogs that were brought to my attention, for example, are the following:

This first one is one I suspect as being a little spammy. I think the person who found it got it from one of those ads about making extra income on the side or teeth whitening or whatever. Not much substance to it, but it does touch on some of the ideas I first had when putting the 2010 20K together:

This next one was suggested by a coworker and is a little more robust. Dumb Little Man is a blog all about improving one's life, and this particular entry waxes upon five ideas for making money using the Internet – I wouldn't be surprised if these ideas find their way in this blog somewhere in the coming months:

I wanted to post my blog as a comment to this site, but I went about it too late in the day. Pretty interesting though, how people are seeking to fund those who're wont to do "unconventional labour". It's people like Dave Meslin who keep society's creative side from growing sterile. Kudos, sir – kudos.–porter-this-man-has-ideas-lets-put-them-to-work

Posterous doesn't allow for Google Ads yet, though "they're working on it". So for now, it looks like I'll have to keep the ads on LiveJournal until I figure out better alternatives. I've also started adding ads to the feeds, to those of you on RSS – please feel free to click on a couple at the bottom of the longer posts!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: The 2010 20K Running Total has finally risen! That's right – in order to facilitate the transfer between my Google Ads account and my actual bank account, Google needed to have me confirm an amount that would be deposited into my account. Now, I'm used to the 2 or 3 cents you get from your first PayPal signup, but 84?! Man. They must make a ton of money off of this service.

With that said, I'm wrapping up the night with some emailing and a little more site building before bed. A new up by the weekend? No promises, but I sure HOPE SO. Hm, I think the blog's sidebar needs more links. That's on the to-do list for tomorrow.

The Figures:

  • The 2010 20K Running Total = $63.04
  • The Google Adsense Running Total = $45.29 (Humourously enough, this is also the last four digits of a phone number I once had 🙂 Thanks so much! please keep clicking ads at! It's thoroughly appreciated! I'm also noticing that this amount tends to fluctuate – I need to figure out how to optimize it!)
  • There's also the option of donating to PayPal by clicking on the button on the right side of my blog!
  • Comments, as well, are also very much appreciated 😉

I'm outtie like a light.

Thanks for reading!

–case p.

By Casey E. Palmer

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