The 2010 20K: Day 27.5

My peoples! Hope your day’s been well!

Today was another long one – in fact, I didn’t get out until 10 – urgent projects require sacrifices. I just have to make sure that it’s not me too often and we’ll be okay 😉 It’s quite the hard working team that I run with, so finding balance isn’t always easy. So I hope you’ll all accept a morning blog from me if that has to be the case. I’m going to try and get a money-making idea out daily for you casual readers out there, to try and make sure that I’m helping you at the same time while I’m trying to hit my goal – I want to keep you coming back for more, right 😉 ?

Anyway, I’ll see what I can get up before the start of tomorrow’s work day. Keep cool!

–case p.

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