The 2010 20K: Day 38 – Still at it!

Hey all,

So, as planned, my other blog has been good for just goofing off and getting original Casey Palmer content out. Today was a song – it's good times 🙂

But the 2010 20K still progresses! Some quick updates:

  • Still working on putting together a Statement of Work for a business reconstruction project
  • Sharon was kind enough to donate another $20 to the challenge, so thank you, my dear!
  • A friend brought up the idea of doing art auctions in order to fund some of the challenge money, which could be awesome
  • There's the possible prospect of getting paid for some manuscript editing, but that also is only in the talks

So you know, despite a weekend with me resorting to the reclusive side of my personality, things still move forward, with or without my active involvement.

I haven't QUITE quit yet ;D

Still working on those websites and hope to have them up soon as well – WordPress is working well with me, but there'll be a good deal of experimentation before I really get it all where I want it to be.

Anyway, just checking in! Hope everyone's been awesome, and may you have a great week! I hope to come with some more news sooner than later!

Until then, comrades,

–case p.

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