The 2010 20K: Day 5 – Beating the odds?

Last updated on September 9th, 2014 at 10:45 pm


Snagged from another Posterous I follow at – I assure you that this cycle won't be happening to me.

Alright, so this will be one of my quicker updates, as I've rented Inglorious Basterds and it needs a watching before its due date tomorrow.

This has been one of my weirder evenings so far.

In vaguely the correct order:

  • Went to Kinko's to put in an order for desk calendars – only to find that they DON'T do desk calendars, being the shoddy organization that they are (all artists who have ever gone there to mass produce ANYTHING know EXACTLY what I'm talking about) – I've been directed to hit up The Printing House in the morning, which I will, but if anyone else has any suggestions on what route to take for this in the downtown Toronto area, please let me know
  • A massive subway delay caused me to get some reading in, but also miss the 6:10 train home, so I found a couch near to the station to continue said reading – there I met a young dude by the name of Mark who was asking about my Bleach bookmark – we had a half hour conversation about anime, manga, swapped our sketchbooks and email addresses – he seemed like a pretty cool dude looking to make art and acting connections – we'll see if this is a networking opportunity as the 20K continues 🙂
  • Then I gave $5 to a homeless woman on the way to my train. Turns out that she's a prostitute on probation due to drug abuse and I was the 11th young Black man to have helped her out since last summer… which she believes is due to there being a Black American president in power which is changing the world for the positive. …yup.
  • Met up with my buddy Andrea to belatedly swap Christmas gifts, and she contributed another $2 to the cause, if only to double up on the previous contribution. Hey, I'll take it!

Anyway, in any case, I'm glad to be home so I can rest a little.

Indie Writers' Deathmatch:

Deadline for this is the 10th with a top cash prize of $300. With entries needing to be 1000-3000 words, I'm hoping to whip something up over the course of the week. Please keep posted as I'm going to need some SERIOUS voting help if I do!

As well, I have some vague ideas for a really bloody, gory short story, but if anyone has any ideas they want to send along and see incorporated in what will be nothing short of a masterpiece, get in touch with me!

Threadless 2K10:

Last night, Sarah helped me come up with a few really good design ideas for this contest – I'll hopefully be able to get them put together by the January 31st deadline, and like with the Indie Writers' Deathmatch, I'll need some serious help with votes! Keep posted – winning the $10,000 prize would be SO AWESOME.

If you guys come across any other contests you think I'd be interested in, let a brotha know!


So it seems that some people may have some apprehension about commenting since they might not know much about the commenting options. Let me quickly cover them:

  • Posterous – you'd need to have a Posterous account to log-in with this options
  • Facebook Connect – to quickly explain how Facebook Connect works, it's an authentication system where you use your pre-existing Facebook information to log in to another site. What this does NOT do is: put a new app on your Facebook; take any of your data outside of the privacy settings you've already set up; or alter your Facebook usage in any way. It's probably the safest and easiest method for most of my readers out there. Feel free to consider it and try it out 🙂
  • Twitter – similar to Facebook Connect, but for this you need a Twitter account to log in with.

Also, you can also get in touch with me at palmer DOT casey AT gmail DOT com, if you're REALLY skeptical.

Thanks for reading!

The 2010 20K Running Total: $3.00

–case p.

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