The 2010 20K: Day 51 – {SPONSORED POST} Guest Post Secrets!

Last updated on September 9th, 2014 at 10:43 pm

Hey all! I came across an interesting link this week – Guest Post Secrets! The entire premise behind the site is that there’s a simple thing that one can do in order to become better “known” in the blogosphere – and that’s by writing a guest post for someone that’s better entrenched in the culture than you are! But, as you can learn from the site itself, this is far from being an easy feat! In fact, there are rules and regs, steps, do’s and don’t’s, etc. that one should do in order to make sure that they do it CORRECTLY. Getting Guest Post Secrets, from the research I did, looks like a pretty solid way to get the knowledge needed in order to do so!

If you want to see what a satisfied customer from the site looks like, please read below:

I greatly enjoyed the videos in Guest Post Secrets. Not only did they sound and look professional, you have a very good speaking voice and a great way of breaking things down step by step. 
I especially liked how you called out specific resources and provided cut and paste email templates.  You made it so easy to start guest posting; all the tools were right there for me.  In the 6 days since I bought your product, I’ve already sent out one guest post (will be published Monday), received a request to guest post from a second blog, and queried a third site and been accepted to do 2 for them.  (I offered two possible topics and the blog author liked them both!)

Thanks for taking the time to make up such a helpful product. It was just what I needed.

-Unsolicited email from Katrina McQuarrie, who runs Kick-Ass Genealogy

I think it’s pretty awesome. I can see myself checking it out – any other bloggers out there might want to think about it too 🙂

And I got to see this all because I’m part of a site called Pay Per Post where you can put up your blog as an adspace for others so that you can write a blog on their behalf for payola! I know, cool, right?

Get your blog on, baby!

The 2010 20K Running Total = $192.14

–case p.

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