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The 2014 100

Why it's Good to Share Your Goals

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 02:39 am

2014 started on a tired note.

After somehow staying up ’til midnight on the 31st (largely with childless friends), we left shortly after to put heads to bed. But while others might have taken the 1st as a day of rest, I managed to cram in

  • driving a rickety Zipvan for the first time crosstown to pick a glider up for the nursery;
  • watching the season premiere of BBC’s Sherlock—”The Empty Hearse”—which gladdened me to see Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson back in action; and
  • winning a $700 Nokia Lumia 1020 phone for $188 at the HoHoTO Hangover Auction

2014’s first day wasn’t impossible, but 2013’s end as a string of sleepless nights with deadlines, infant tantrums and rules that change with every passing moment was finally starting to take its toll. Parenthood is trying—in an ideal world, I’d have posted this yesterday.

Parenthood is anything but ideal, though—it changes your life, yes, but you can’t forget yourself in the process—it’s why I’m still making a list of 100 personal goals.

Oh, this again?

In 2013, I took a page from my friend’s book and wrote 100 things I wanted to do that year. I didn’t know whether I’d get them all done, or—in all honesty—whether I even wanted to do them all, but it seemed like a good way to start the year.

I successfully wrapped The 2013 100 up despite Icepocalypse, a busy Christmas season and a cough that just wouldn’t quit—but you don’t just have a personal victory and call it a day!

The entire point of new year’s resolutions is to show you’ve learned your lesson and desire to change.

So this year, I wanted to give myself attainable goals—goals that will make my life better but won’t need a million dollars, genie’s lamp or infinite time to do. 2013 showed me that much can change in the course of a year—your priorities change; your life situation can wind up totally different; you come out with altered views and expectations from the ones you had on January 1st.

I’m no fool—with a child in tow, I have my responsibilities. The things I need to do as a father trump almost anything else short of keeping myself alive to take care of him. But when DoomzToo is older, I expect him to have dreams. I want him to want something from his life, and do all that I can to help him get there. My generation is the one that realized that you’re going to lead a miserable life if you keep following someone else’s dream — his will be the generation to live their lives for their dreams as the nature of work and global infrastructure grow along with them.

And it’s as the old question goes:

How can I expect my child to follow his dreams if I didn’t do the same myself?

So here are 100 goals. Here are 100 baby steps mapped out to get me closer to where I want to go. On January 1st, 2014, I looked back and saw a man who’d done some of his goals, but didn’t quite know what he wanted out of his life. He found that a third of his goals were things the thought he should be doing but ultimately brought him no joy. On January 1st, 2015, I want to look back and feel like I just lived the first year of the rest of my life.

So without further ado…

The 2014 100

  1. Find a regular supply of Kraft Magic Moments pudding so I can relive my childhood
  2. Attend NXNEi
  3. Hit up SXSW
  4. Attend the World Domination Summit
  5. Attend the North American International Automotive Show as a guest of Ford Canada
  6. Open an RESP for DoomzToo
  7. See my optometrist…
  8. …in order to change to another optometrist closer to my house.
  9. Find a way to change my Twitter handle from @doomzTO to @CaseP
  10. Get a corporate plan for my phone
  11. Give Sarah her “secret present”
  12. Get Fish ‘n’ Chimps up and running
  13. Be part of making an app
  14. Enter more blogging awards
  15. Babyproof Casa de Palmer in preparation for when his lordship DoomzToo starts walking
  16. Finish the Casey Palmer Facebook page
  17. Get Justin to come over and teach me how to cook the basics so I can fend for myself in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse
  18. Try axe throwing
  19. Try paintball
  20. Go to a shooting range
  21. Include a portfolio section on CaseyPalmer.com
  22. Get new glasses
  23. Have less drafts on CaseyPalmer.com at the end of 2014 than I’d started with
  24. Win at least one design contest
  25. Create one piece a month for The Hooray Collective
  26. Guest blog more often
  27. Get my G license
  28. Get my old content sorted out and make CaseyPalmer.com the decade-long story it’s supposed to be
  29. Try running a podcast to chat with people who want to share a message
  30. Get my YouTube game on
  31. Get more involved in the stock market, including buying some solid stocks for DoomzToo
  32. Figure out why my site’s been suffering so much downtime and lag lately
  33. Figure out why our Wi-Fi’s been so spotty at home
  34. Find a good family Halloween costume
  35. Transfer the files from Sarah’s old IDE hard drive to a SATA hard drive
  36. Toboggan my heart out
  37. Visit more of Canada
  38. Create something amazing with Wolfram Mathematica
  39. Get fit
  40. Get a glider for the nursery
  41. Create some infographic tools that’ll help people
  42. Buy a bike
  43. Overhaul all the files on my computer
  44. Finally understand politics
  45. Write family Christmas cards for friends and neighbours, or copy my in-laws and write an annual Christmas letter
  46. Keep in touch with my grandparents
  47. Finish the family tree to the best of my ability
  48. Clean up all the clutter on my desk
  49. Submit at least one design to Threadless
  50. Go to TEDxToronto
  51. Read my candygrams
  52. Do the CN Tower Edgewalk
  53. Come up with a cool list of things to do in Toronto
  54. Get new prescription sunglasses
  55. Write my first eBook
  56. Establish a regular social group with the young men at church—Beers with the Blokes
  57. Draw “Rogue” for Sobia, 2Pac for Nabil, and a picture of Jubilee for Jaemeel
  58. Take a vacation with the family
  59. Return Karen and Colin’s stack of Blu-rays
  60. Return Emily’s PS2 games
  61. Buy a lawn mower
  62. Throw a one-year cake smash for DoomzToo
  63. Buy some killer jeans
  64. Give away all my business cards
  65. Read some books so I can clear up some shelf space
  66. Use more art supplies
  67. Blaze through my Netflix “to-watch” list
  68. Put a family emergency kit together in order to survive either a Zombie Apocalypse and/or Mother Nature world-ending scenario
  69. Get a second green bin for all that baby waste
  70. Come up with the best story ever for the “About Me” section I usually leave blank on all those websites
  71. Keep way fewer browser tabs open
  72. Come up with the perfect stink face to give people every time they ask whether Sarah and I have thought about Kid #2 yet. Because I can’t hit them.
  73. Play the Race Card a little less often
  74. See a doctor about the mysterious pain in my side
  75. Get Sarah to watch the Star Wars trilogy
  76. Finally watch The Godfather trilogy
  77. Watch Star Trek. All of it. The original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Enterprise, the movies—soak it all in!
  78. Connect with more family bloggers and establish daddy blogging as a reputable niche
  79. Take a hot-air balloon ride
  80. Sell my Wacom Intuos 3 6″ x 8″
  81. Add blinds to the window in the kitchen
  82. Trim my devices down to a reasonable number of apps
  83. Go to a Toronto Maple Leafs game and see what all the hype is about
  84. Give a crap about the World Cup (because I’ll probably give no craps about the Olympics)
  85. Introduce DoomzToo to my colleagues
  86. Take DoomzToo to an event and survive
  87. Clean my social media accounts up
  88. Finish Brandgasm 101
  89. Finish the Audience Business Masterclass
  90. Make something out of TeamTrolling.com
  91. Eat St. Huberts at least once, unless I make it to Montreal and my cousins can take us out for even better chicken
  92. Help build a greater web presence for my church, Walmer Road Baptist Church
  93. Eat at Canoe
  94. Crochet a stocking for DoomzToo to match mine
  95. Acquire a bitcoin
  96. Do the Steamwhistle brewery tour
  97. Visit the Ripley’s Aquarium
  98. Teach DoomzToo baby sign language
  99. Try some experimentation with food, like molecular gastronomy
  100. Read to DoomzToo regularly

Why You Share Your Goals

There are things that happen when you share your goals. You discover that friends want to help you succeed. You learn of new opportunities you might not have known about otherwise—if I didn’t share my goals last year, I wouldn’t be in the place I’m in now, preparing to tackle even bigger goals on the strength of my relationships.

So with that in mind, I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours! What are some of the goals you have for 2014? What do you think I missed? Let’s keep each other accountable! It’s the best way to make sure you close the year out better than you started it!

Hope to hear from all my fam and friends,

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