The 2K11 24/7 CCXIX: Welcome to the Internet. (Please enjoy your stay.)

Ever since my family got a high-speed Internet connection way back when, I in turn have always found ways to keep myself occupied on a computer.

I totally understand if you don’t get it — I’m an offshoot of a nerd. As a child, I spent summers inside writing stories instead of playing outside with the neighbourhood kids. I’ve won a handful of spelling bees. Been playing video games since before I was even going to school. The nerdiness runs deep. But it’s often the nerds who forge first into uncharted territory.

So unsurprisingly, if you spend a lot of time on a computer, you tend to come across a lot of crazy stuff on the Internet. And if you’ve missed out on much of the hilarity/insanity/WTF-ness that the Internet has to offer, worry not; someone was kind enough to compile them into a couple of lists for you:

Everything on those lists have had their 15 minutes of fame at one point or another — this is stuff that you usually can’t PLAN to create; most of the stuff that goes viral is due to factors outside of the creators’ control. Or they plan them and become one-hit wonders. But it doesn’t make them any less amusing.

So go forth. Partake of some Internet. And when you do, tell ’em Casey sent ya.

–Casey E. Palmer


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