The 2K11 24/7 CLXX: The Day the Blog Broke

Last updated on September 9th, 2014 at 10:26 pm

It’s hard to write after an especially long day. Heck, it’s hard to do just about anything after a particularly long day! So instead, I curled up, watched several episodes of Community, and tried to wrack my brain as to how to solve the conundrum of an overly-busy schedule.

With 3 months left in the year, I basically made some resolutions:
  • Stop playing Mafia Wars
  • Get through my sewing class as quickly and painlessly as possible (I’m really not enjoying it as much as I thought I would)
  • Watch everything I’ve wanted to watch and read everything I’ve wanted to read so I stop obsessively spending all my time reading and watching shows I hear so much about
  • Write like a fiend when I feel like writing so I don’t have to try and force it when I don’t
  • Get back to drawing — slowly
  • Move at my own pace whenever possible
You’ll get a better blog post tomorrow — I have some good stuff I was working on earlier, but got swept away with the pace of the day.
C’est la vie, my friends. C’est la vie.
–Casey E. Palmer

By Casey E. Palmer

Calling the Great White North his home, Casey‘s spent the last few decades in pursuit of creating killer content. From novels as a kid, comics as a teen, to blogs and photos once he could grow a beard, he’ll use whatever’s around him to create amazing stuff.

When he’s not creating, he’s parenting, exploring and trying to make life as awesome as possible for everyone around him.

Because a boring life’s not a life worth living!

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