The 2K11 24/7 CXLIX: Post-Wedding Cooldown

So let’s start with the obvious — I’m MARRIED. Everyone I know an believe it just as little as I can, but there’s a ring on my left ring finger, my phone has been buzzing constantly with well wishes from friends on Facebook and Twitter, and I suddenly feel some relief from no longer having to plan such a MAJOR event. I’d totally tell you all about it, but I’m exhausted and between an intense reception and getting ready to vanish from the public eye for a few weeks.

So as promised, there’ll be some posts from me today and tomorrow, and then you can look forward to several days of my friends and peers and their interpretations of “life improvement”, the topic I asked them to write about! I hope you’ll enjoy reading them over the coming weeks as much as I did!
See you tomorrow, and I hope your weekend was just as crazy as mine 🙂
–Casey E. Palmer

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  1. Congrats Casey! Have an awesome honeymoon. Not so sure you can be replaced…reminds me of those days in elementary school when we had a supply. It just wasn’t the same. We also used to get into lots of trouble when the real teacher was away. I guess on social media the only way to get into trouble is to spam or somethin’…….but I would never do that. =)

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