The 50/50 Relationship is Gone and Dead!

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Last updated on February 18th, 2024 at 03:23 am

The 50/50 relationship is gone and dead, the days of compromise with it!

Long live the 100/100 partnership!

Yes, that’s right folks—despite the mathematical impossibility of it all, there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to long-lasting relationships!

Once, we would judge the best relationships out there by those who were really good at “meeting halfway” or always espoused that in relationships you “give a little and get a little”.

All that’s fine and dandy, but I think there’s a fundamental issue: similar to the notion where you can’t truly love others if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect to be true to your partner if you’re not being true to yourself first?

We often hear the tales of giving somebody our all, and either getting nothing back or getting dumped in the end. Or perhaps we stay so true to ourselves as INDIVIDUALS that we refuse to develop a common ground and never progress—or something I like to call the 0/0 “relationship”.

What I’m proposing plays out a little differently.

Let’s split it up into two sections:

  • 100/100; and
  • Partnership

The 100/100 Paradox

Mathematically speaking, it’s impossible for two people to be 100% of a whole. I get this. But what if the two people share one mindset? THEN what do you have?

What I’m proposing is that both partners should be 100% committed to one singular mindset. Ridiculous, I know. Idealistic? Definitely. But not impossible. As many of us are already aware, a healthy relationship requires several elements, such as:

  • good communication;
  • flexibility; and
  • patience

No relationship is perfect. But if you’re willing to talk rationally through your issues; if you’re willing to figure out your differences and come to one common goal that works for both parties—I don’t see why one couldn’t get closer to making this a reality. It’ll never be perfect, but the effort to try and make it so will yield better results than if one were to simply believe that things can never be better than they are. (See the mentality of the Legion of Office Workers for reference.)

A Relationship Does Not a Partnership Make

ANYONE can be in a relationship. A relationship, strictly defined, is the connection shared by two things. My relationship to this computer is that I am feverishly typing out a blog entry upon its keys. My relationship to my readers is that I provide daily blog posts to them.

But it is not the same as a partnership.

A partnership, in my mind, implies several tenets, such as:

  • trust
  • willingness to assist one’s partner as much as possible
  • putting one’s effort in to make the partnership work with no grief or resentment

among others. The moment that the tenets that make up a partnership start to crumble, it becomes less two people who have the well-being of each other as a foremost concern, and more just two people that happen to be strongly connected.

So strive for the 100/100 Partnership as best as you can. It might just end up being better than any relationship you ever had!

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