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The 2010 20K: Day 37

Last updated on April 4th, 2021 at 12:05 am

10:49 am: I’m going to make some money for this blog today if it KILLS me. But from where?

I feel, and correct me if I’m wrong, that people really don’t take me seriously on this goal. Maybe I seem to laissez-faire. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no apparent cash flow coming in on a regular basis. Well, I think those are valid points, but my sincerity is there. I will achieve this.

From the poll I conducted recently (with 4 replies at this point—but who am I kidding? It’s 11 am on a Saturday—people probably have better things to do than read a blog on their first escape from the office for the week) it seems that there’s at least one person who would like to see more interesting stories come out of the 2010 20K—one of the things I’m thinking is perhaps I’ll need to break out of my comfort zone and just DO stuff in order to really make this happen. People want conflict. Excitement. Action. A protagonist who really seems like they’re trying to get the task at hand completed—not one who simply conjectures upon whatever comes to mind and LETS things happen.

So what do I have on the plate?

  • a logo design, which I plan to work on as soon as another deal goes through (I haven’t forgotten, promise. Just waiting on an email.)
  • a business proposal to help a restaurant become more successful

In creating my blog and site content, I’m finding that my history of packratism is rearing its ugly head—I don’t know how many of you deal with this, but I’m finding that I wrote a lot of notes to myself on how I’d like the site to appear, things I’d like to post, etc. But they’re all over the freaking place. Different text files, mind-mapping programs, Google Docs—it’s ridiculous. Half of figuring out how exactly I’d like these sites to look is figuring out what exactly I’ve thought up already. Kinda weak.

So what do I do, guys? Do I go out on the street and start handing out business cards? Do I panhandle and beg for money as people pass by?

Jon raises a valid point, though—maybe I DO work too much. Perhaps my workaholic tendencies have got the better of me in life.

Is it possible to make a goal like this happen WHILE having fun? How do I merge the two without making it seem like a daunting project that I can’t accomplish without a crapload of backbreaking labour?


I don’t know. I wish I had an answer. It would make it a lot easier to do, that’s for sure.

Some good friends have mentioned that:

  • Daily updates for the 2010 20K may not be feasible when there’s not much going on in a day
  • Too much talk about the 2010 20K may seem more like I’m pushing a brand or product than trying to accomplish a personal goal

So seeing as how as I seem to have lost sight of myself in this, how about this. The 2010 20K will be a blog to focus on the 2010 20K. When a project comes along, when money comes in, I’ll update it. But there’s another side of me. The guy who just wants to goof off. The guy who likes to draw random doodles of crap to pass the time. The guy who listens to video game music mixed in with classic rock, cheesy disco and deep moving ballads.

That is Casey Palmer. That is Case P. That is Doomz. Forever.

The 2010 20K isn’t dead. Far from it. But I need to find myself so that I can better attack such a large project. I’ll post updates there when there are updates to be had. For now—it’s Doomz time.

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

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