The Dilemma of Daily Dedication

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Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 10:33 pm

Sticking to something daily is a huge challenge. Some people try to hit the gym every day. Sometimes it’s making sure to make time for a significant other. My daily thing—obviously—is blogging. I can’t lie, it takes up a lot of my time. I’ll often think that I’ve wrapped up for the night, only to remember that I have a blog post to get up for the next day. It’s those moments that I groan, I gripe, but I write. It’s important to me that I keep up with the daily posts—it’s the first time where I’ve made a public commitment and have been pretty good at sticking to it, so I can’t be my source of sabotage at this point; things need to get done.

How about you? Is there something that you want to do every day, but you feel that something’s holding you back? Do you try to schedule things into your life but often get sidetracked?

It’s mind over matter, and your mind is more powerful than you think. The first step is convincing yourself that you have the ability to achieve whatever it is that you’re seeking out of life, and then just go for it. My list isn’t getting any shorter, and I’m not getting any younger, but I’m still hustling hard, day after day since I’ve yet to give up on the dreams that’re floating in my head.

A little while ago, I started to get a little more honest about the things that take up my time and the challenges I’m facing. The day can be filled with a ton of things that we WANT to do, but when you’ve dedicated yourself to something, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for ensuring it’s done to completion. That’s why I haven’t given up on blogging. That’s why I’ve picked up the old projects that I once left for dead. Because if I’m not going to get them done, who is?

So if you’re feeling weighed down, if you’re feeling like there’s too much going on in your life and you just don’t know where to start in order to move forward with your life and get things off of your plate, do what I do. Remember your commitments first—getting these done will help your life improve; it might be slowly, but these are the bedrock of the decisions you make and what keep your integrity solid. The nice-to-dos and want-to-dos, I’m sure they’re awesome, but start one up, and you might be in danger of having more commitments in your pile than you originally intended.

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