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Last updated on March 17th, 2021 at 09:05 am

DISCLAIMER: This entry is long and messed up. Continue at your own discretion.


Never lie, people. NEVER. It’ll only come to bite your ass later. aweej, yeah, you know what I’m talking about. When I was leaving? Man. Let’s put it this way, people. In high school, I used to tell white lies here and there to fit in better, I admit. It’s just that the lies haunt you from time to time to let you know they’re there. And it’s your role to do something about it. And I will. Thank goodness I stopped. NO GOOD FOR YOU, PEOPLE.


This gets filed away with my insane ideas for comics and lines I come up with for raps. I’d just woken from sleeping when I started typing to Tubbz, and this is what I had to say:

Doomz 2K4: Toronto Star. Business Section. Monday. says:

i just woke up
from a really messed up… yet kind of happy dream

umm cool?

Doomz 2K4: Toronto Star. Business Section. Monday. says:

it was like
it started with myself, two guys, and this girl who was injured going around filming our own “reality” show
we’d go around and start shit while filming it
and we eventually get to this laundromat
and we’re pressing on the door so no one can get out
and we’re pressing while they’re pressing, and eventually, for some reason, we start to push the door inwards—we’re stronger for some reason, and this music starts playing, like in a movie when the hero suddenly starts winning
as soon as we get in this fight breaks out
and I don’t know why, but the disabled girl is “captured” by this tall, lanky white dude with glasses
and the two guys and I run outside
she didn’t seem to mind—I guess we’d decided beforehand that we’d have to accept the consequences of our actions
so… they reach into a car which I assume was ours and procure a hanger
and they run back towards the fight
I was there for a little bit
but ran off to get a weapon or something
and I get back to my place, where I see my mom
who’s white for some weird-ass reason
we talk, and I head back toward the fight at the laundromat
let me mention that for some reason, I can jump across the roofs of buildings with ease
so on the last rooftop, this cop sees me
because the cops had been coming in before to stop shit
he tries to flag me down, but I’m too damn fast and outrun him and jump off of the roof
when I get there, I hear a gunshot
and over the scene of me suddenly stopping you hear a female newscaster going “And this riot has suddenly turned into a homicide.”
I don’t know how, but the two other guys shot a cop
so I ran away fast and ended up in this pavement lot between the laundromat and where all the kids play
I’m on my knees and crying
and this woman (coincidentally the teacher woman from “Donnie Darko”)
runs up to me and asks what happened
and I’m like “I don’t know—I don’t care anymore.”
(I’d seen this woman earlier in the dream, except I can’t exactly remember where)
and I drop a hanger on the ground and get up
because she said my mom was worried and looking for me
she checks my shoes to see if there’s any blood
and I’m like
“you wanna check em? here!”
and take ’em off and start walking off
alright—this is where it gets REALLY messed up
so I’m walking away
and this short brunette girl—couldn’t be more than 13 or 14
she goes “Casey of the Palmer! Julia and Ashley have been looking all over for you!”
I think I’d been doing shit earlier in the movie because I’d heard they were looking for me already
I tell her that’s me
and she asks me to follow, and she runs off impossibly fast
so I’m following her through the playground
and she’s yapping away about Julia and Ashley and the secret place where all the girls stay
and we’re running up this hill—it seems like there are steps made from tree roots, but she’s gliding up the hill with ease
and she suddenly says “watch out!” as I lightly smack my face into a branch after weaving through
she mentions something about escaping
and I say “you mean like the two guys I left behind?”
and she says “precisely.”
and we keep going on and end up on this log on the river
a female image… elf-like… flashes in my head
and this girl keeps talking
and she mentions that soon I’ll be on my own—I was headed toward the secret place
like the elf place in lotr
and it’s her, me, and this white horse on this floating log
it’s like a boat, right?
and she’s talking about how to get to Julia and Ashley; I’d have to pass the toll question
and she’s like, but you already know the answer
and I go “what is it again?”
and she’s like “approximately two or so people.”
and she’s like “alright, you have to talk to these guys first.”
and gestures towards the water
as she goes from spot to spot, groups of elves in sets of three pop out of the water
she says
“and this is jig, jib, jin, and jit.”
and then
I woke up 😕



Doomz 2K4: Toronto Star. Business Section. Monday. says:

I think I left some stuff out
but that’s the gist of it
movie themes, screen effects, and everything
I THINK it was supposed to be the story of a kid escaping the ghetto by being drawn into some fantasy land


didnt I tell you not to do drugs?
damn dude that dream is like

Doomz 2K4: Toronto Star. Business Section. Monday. says:

um. no drugs, lol
junk food possibly
but I didn’t think I slept THAT soon after
but yeah
movie potential, lol


yea man
or a really good rap song


This weekend was cool. I hung out with my friends Robyn and aweej. We saw “Girl Next Door” on Saturday, which was surprisingly a good movie. I found it so sad because I could relate to the main character. Student council president, nerd with nerd friends, unappreciated by his community. 😒

I was going to go out to a bar with some other friends afterward, but after having been up for 28 hours straight, Robyn coerced me to go home and get to bed. Nine hours of sweet-ass sleep were at hand.

Sunday we chilled at aweej’s place and watched “Donnie Darko”. I missed a lot because I kept asking Robyn questions about it. It was pretty cool all in all, though. I may just burn buy it sometime soon 😉.


I tell you. I’m crazy busy. You’ll see. I’m out for now, y’all. Peace.

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