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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 10:00 pm

It’s no secret—I’ve been working my ass off lately. Coworkers dropping like flies, a wedding just under 9 days away and all the side-projects I constantly pursue, oh yeah. Busy’s the name of the game.

From my interactions in the world of social media these last months, I know I’m not the only one. I exist as a member of a society prone to working themselves to the bone. 11 o’clock finishes to the day. Non-existent weekends. In-fighting to get the best bonuses.


A question so subjective doesn’t stand a ghost’s chance of having a clear answer. But in order to start to understand why we do the things we do at work, we need to first understand the driving forces behind our decisions. So some example questions could be:

  • What is my ultimate goal for this job? What do I want out of it?
  • What would it take to get me to quit, for better or for worse? How do I know when my time here is done?
  • What would I LOVE to spend every day doing?

Now, with these three questions, take a look at your reality—is what you’re doing getting you ANY closer to your goals?

Many tend to stay in their jobs for a long time—perhaps longer than they SHOULD—due to fears of the unknown. Worries about the present. Responsibilities. In the post mentioned above, I made the suggestion of changing one’s workplace and work habits to better reflect one’s goals and interests. While I still believe in that statement, I’ve also been made painfully aware that not EVERYONE can afford this luxury by my friend LJ:

But in any case, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Work hard enough. Sharpen those skills. Network. There’s always an opportunity for each and every one of you out there, and I hope you’re able to recognize something good for what it is and not be lost forever in the day-to-day of your current lives.

I see mine. Do you see yours?

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