The Movember Chronicles, Vol. 3 — I Can Feel My Face

Some men finish Movember and make their way to Decembeard, embracing the liberating feeling of growing facial hair sans judgment as they show off the fruits of their labour for the world to see. Some men can’t wait for the 1st of December, razor at the ready to reclaim their baby-soft skin, with countless throngs of significant others grinning ear to ear as the scratchy cuddle sessions make their way out of the picture. But for me, constantly transitioning between a face so clean I get ID’d when I’m buying a case of beer and a face so scruffy it sometimes inspires passersby to berate me into cleaning my act up and getting a job… finishing Movember marked my passage into the year’s last days, changing gears from saving the world via my ‘stache to doing all that I can to make Merry Christmases for people whose holiday seasons might’ve turned out otherwise.

As I said before, it’s a shame I couldn’t make as much of the month as my Team Thomas peers, but I’m glad that I could still raise $500 thanks to my buddies at Thomas & Friends that the Movember Foundation wouldn’t have had otherwise.

It feels good to do good.


All things considered, November vanished almost as quickly as it came, and I’ve returned to my world whisker-free as I pursue the rest of my life. But I need to thank my new buddies at Thomas & Friends for the month they spent in my corner — I don’t think I’d have gotten involved in Movember without them! Thanks to everyone who participated in my Turbo Flip Thomas giveaway — we got a lot of traction on social media and it kept my phone buzzing with all the notifications! In the end, Rosanne Robinson was the lucky winner to take one home, and with any luck she’ll get it in time for Christmas, because I know any kid would be happy to have it under their tree!

The Movember Chronicles, Vol. 3 — I Can Feel My Face — See You Next Movember!I hope these posts have been as good for you as they’ve been for me, helping me figure my world out and be unashamedly honest about it all. They’ve been a great reminder of the things we can do for the world around us, not just focus on what we can get from it.

So until the next Movember, keep doing great things! This world’s not an easy one to live in, but if we all keep playing our parts in injecting it with positivity, who knows where it’ll take us?

See you next Movember, everyone,

–case p.

Disclaimer: Yes, I’m receiving compensation for the series of posts I’m writing for Movember, but I’m taking the task seriously, doing what I can to build awareness around issues that men too often try to sweep under the rug.

There’re a ton of brands and organizations who collaborated to make something like this happen, but if you want more info on the ones relevant to my journey, you can check them out below:

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