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Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 06:18 pm

Free thought:

What I need to accomplish today:

  • Get some projects out of the way to feel like I accomplished something and move on with my thoughts.
  • Put some work in on a new drawing I’m working on: “Digital Doomz 1.” I already have ideas in mind for “Digital Doomz 2”, but that’s going to need my Wacom tablet, and I’m just never home and focused long enough to get good usage out of it
  • I’m pretty sure that (for once) I don’t have any plans after work, so perhaps I can just get home and start working on the logo for Rami because that needs taking care of
  • need to finish downloading One Piece episodes from so I can cancel my account there and stop paying the $4.95 US monthly
  • doubt I’ll work on the site tonight, but I should really get a new front page put up saying “Under construction” or something a lot catchier than that
  • go to Hallmark and trade all these partially-filled Card Club cards in for completed versions, since they’re cluttering up my wallet
  • and on the note of wallets, figure out how to make do with carrying less in the wallet, since it’s hard to fit in into my back pocket
  • Get to the government library and return the day-late Blink and The Tipping Point, only to turn it around into yet another renewal… in fact, I think I’ll do that now.
  • *returns* right, so I renewed the books and had a good conversation with the Research Consultant (fancy title for “Librarian”) there—score! One day late is nothing. He’s seen three years, so he said it’s all good.
  • now I’m reading yet another article about Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series being gay. This one’s going to linger around for a bit, I think. Ooh. Looks like Transformers is selling pretty well, too. Wonder if I should get a copy? …nah.
  • munching on Tostitos. Mm. Salty Tostito goodness.
  • My email has been dreadfully dry lately, which generally keeps me entertained throughout the day. Maybe people just aren’t as interested in their computers as they used to be. Hm. That’s not so good for me, then! I’ll have to invest my time developing interesting things for new formats. HD-DVD, anyone?
  • Mm! I should put a note to myself to hit up the Toronto Comic Jam next Tuesday at the Cameron House. They happen on the last Tuesday of every month, which I’ve known for years—never went. I hope they’re still on…
  • I want to get myself some Moo sticker packs, but I still have Moo mini-cards to get rid of. I wonder what I can do with them… I need a social event to hit up…

Yeah, that’s it for now. What what!

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad


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