The #ReGiftTO Unwrap-Up

If you missed it, Thursday night was ReGiftTO, hosted by @clickflickca and @morningmoe. It was a good party held for the heckuvit and filled with cool tweeples (i.e. people who know each other primarily through Twitter), bangin’ beats and awesome prizes! It was conveniently located at Our House on Ossington JUST south of Dundas.

Unfortunately for me and my overconfident self, I thought it was at Ossington and COLLEGE. So, for you non-Torontonians out there, when you get off of a streetcar knowing you have to get to 214 College, but the house in front of you is 493, and you know the house numbers differ by 2 between them (and it’s snowing and cold and you have to walk uphill to school and then uphill again back home while being chased by rabid mountain goats)—you know you have quite the walk ahead of you.

Eventually, I got to ReGiftTO—okay. Mission accomplished. Our House provided a pretty nice atmosphere—dimmed lighting, well-dressed staff and enough room to mix and mingle. The night started off a little slow (for my tastes, anyway—everyone knows I like as much energy as possible at any given time), with more mingling than partying going on, and everyone seeming to be hanging around the narrowest part of the bar:

I mean, that was the part BY the bar, so if you wanted drinks, it totally made sense—but by the very nature of physics, I imagine it was louder, hotter and less spatially comfortable there than anywhere else in the bar, but hey. As long as y’all enjoyed yourselves 😊

Eventually, the crowd started to disperse some, which would soon segue into the gift exchange portion of the night!