The Seven Deadly Sins: LUST

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Last updated on April 2nd, 2021 at 11:45 am

Sex and money—two of a handful of things that govern just about any decision we make daily. And with such power, such INFLUENCE, this simple truth makes lust of the most VOLATILE and DANGEROUS of the Seven Deadly Sins.

In the course of just about anybody’s life, stupid decisions will be made in the name of sex. No—scratch that. Stupid decisions will be made for the mere POSSIBILITY of getting sex.

I’ve bought overpriced jeans on account of hot girls. I’ve missed the last bus home on account of hot girls. Compromised morals, sold friends out and defied instincts and common sense—all on account of hot girls.

Lust is a powerful drug.

But as we grow older, we hopefully grow wiser, lessening the potency of lust’s effect. Guys start thinking a little more with the RIGHT head, women opt for more subtlety than overt seduction—but the lust will always be there, waiting in the wings to take hold of you.

It’s not hard to see the effects of lust in the world around us—it manifests itself in a number of ways: promiscuity, one-night stands, affairs, sex-related crimes—but what of the lusts that envelop us that AREN’T sexual? Lust for power. Lust for wealth. Or, as Iggy Pop so aptly put it—Lust for LIFE?

The Seven Deadly Sins are deeply interwoven, and our lust is the engine behind them all. Without lust, it’s questionable whether they would be so deadly at all.

But lust is always there and it should not be taken lightly.

So, with the reality that lust will be ever-present and a driving force in our lives, what do we do with this information?

You could submit to it. You could fight it by not thinking about it. You can deny it, but it will just eat away at you.

I won’t flat-out say that lust is a bad thing. Lust drives us. It inspires progress and growth. But like anything, it needs to be fed to one’s being in moderation, lest it drive you mad.

So lust away. But always be aware of it, and in control of it, or the one who’ll end up getting burned will be you.

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By Casey E. Palmer

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