The Suitcase Chronicles, Part Two

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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 03:31 pm

I might need to think about getting a car. This is a thought I’ve never really considered before, but it might be an idea. Toronto’s an overcrowded city, without adequate roads, public transportation or traffic fluidity to support the booming population. On a day like today, where I packed a suitcase of random things I’d had lying around my office, logic would say that taking a taxi would have been easier and faster than hiking it 20 minutes to the subway and riding that home, but with the pathetic squall that was Snowmageddon 2011, it still backed up the roads enough to make that a bad idea. Hauling these loads back and forth isn’t fun, but it’s what I’ve always known. Maybe that needs to change. Fewer loads or get me some wheels, something’s gotta give. I mean, in all honesty, trekking with the suitcase wasn’t all that bad—I probably got some much-needed exercise out of the entire ordeal—but I guess I could’ve made it all much easier on myself. Anyway, sorry for yesterday’s post—I felt it was pretty incomplete, but you should’ve seen me—on my bed, using the last bits of my energy to try and get a post out—no matter what! Who was going to win—my sheer stubbornness or Mr. Sandman? It was tooth and nail, my eyelids drooping as my fingers go clack-a-lack on the keyboard. In the end, you got… well, a blog post about nothing, in my honest opinion. I have stuff to say about to-do lists that’s way more interesting, but it’ll take time to get a decent post together with examples and good dos and don’ts.

But let’s have some real talk—what did I do to improve my life today? I try to ask myself this daily, to make sure that I keep growing.

Today? Today I did more teaching than learning, but I guess I learned that I can be a decent teacher? Work right now is all about juggling my tasks with teaching newer staff how to do the procurement mambo plus trying to establish some new tools. I guess I also learned that I haven’t reached my breaking point yet, either. Don’t know if that’s a good thing 😊

I guess Blizzy Smalls kept me from really pulling anything off today. What the heck. I need to do something insane tomorrow or something. Any suggestions?

Anyway. NatandMarie finally got their live show up and running, so I guess I’ll go watch while I work on wedding invitations. Or pre-marital class homework. Or wedding invitations. Or something.
Hope you’re all having a more interesting night!
I’m out!

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