The Wallet Part II: The Evil That Men Do

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Last updated on February 6th, 2024 at 07:08 pm

So following yesterday’s post, this past weekend, I lost my wallet. I didn’t know where it was. I panicked, I looked all over, and in the end, someone had found it and called me at my work number listed on my business cards in the wallet. So all’s well that ends well! Except…

Well, except of course for the fact that he’d found my wallet a full subway stop away from where I’d actually dropped it! I don’t suspect the guy who returned it to me for a second, but I can tell whoever picked it up was going after easy money since they took:

  • my November subway pass;
  • a bunch of Mississauga bus tickets;
  • a mostly-used train pass;
  • a Starbucks card
  • some movie passes;
  • and my Shoppers Optimum card

This suspicion was only further confirmed when I checked on my Optimum points balance online, only to find that they’d drained the card of something like 120,000 points! (Think in the realm of $200 worth of credit at Shoppers Drug Mart for perspective.)

So they took all that but left behind my:

  • Bank cards;
  • Credit card; and
  • My driver’s license

I’m pretty confident that had I not opted to get new cards with PINs, I’d be in a lot worse shape than I am right now.

So in the end, I got my wallet back. But I also took a few lessons from the ordeal:

1: God is real.

It’s all too coincidental that I lost my wallet while running to get to church and had it returned so quickly after a round of prayer. I’ve seen other examples of divine intervention in my life, but I kind of feel that had it been something else I was rushing for, I might not have gotten it back.

2: I’m not a wallet kind of guy.

Seriously, this is probably the 8th time I’ve lost this wallet over the last decade. It’s time to move on. It used to be leaving it behind foolishly at stores and on buses. I’ve since graduated to it being so heavy that it falls out of bags and jackets if I move too quickly.

No, it’s time to lighten up. Until I sort out a better solution, I put the important cards in a business card holder I had sitting around, and just need to carry less crap. So lesson learned. Time to streamline my day-to-day life!

3: There are still good people out there.

For all the moaning and griping I do about the state of the world, some people out there are still alright. Shout out to Angelo, who made my life less painful than it had to be.

So the next time you lose something and you’re losing hope of ever finding it again, try praying about it. You never know what might happen! For me, it’s renewed the reason why I just don’t want to carry this huge weight on my shoulders (both literally and figuratively) and the belief that if I can figure out how to re-organize and streamline my life—hell, I can do just about anything.

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