Third Time’s a Charm – The Trifecta of Twitter Tweetups

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WooTO: December 14th; HoHoTO: December 16th; Electric Christmas 2: December 20th. Three events that were all crazy fun for their own reasons, and that I was lucky enough to attend!
Christmas is always a busy season: buying gifts, going to parties, planning out where you need to be – this year was exceptionally busy as I started to get my tweet on. There's SO MUCH going on in the T-Dot that I never knew about before I started hitting up tweetups (awkward sentence, anyone?) and getting better in touch with my digital side. Been a great couple of months 🙂
Let me tell you about the events above and what you missed if you didn't know about them or get a chance to drop in:
#WooTO was a tweetup held at the Woo and organized by Joallore Alon, aka @clickflickca – I was personally excited for it, because there were friends I'd been speaking to online for quite some time who I'd never met in the flesh who would be there, and I was rolling with my friends Kev and Allie, so it was all good times. Not the biggest fan of Woo's food, personally, but I still had a great time talking, joking, singing and just doing what I usually do. Didn't hurt that they gave us free sushi and cocktails to boot 🙂 I met a lot of awesome people there who regularly tweet and make for great conversation!
Also, with sponsors like Cineplex, Dentyne Canada and Roadrunner Records, there were plenty of prize giveaways for those who made it out – I still thank Jo for the free Christmas-themed headgear and the Cineplex movie pass 🙂
Next up came #HoHoTO, aka the Toronto twitter party of the year (at least as far as I know)!
Man, what a night. WHAT A NIGHT. This is why I love the tweetup scene. This is why I try to keep posting quality content! If you missed it it's a shame, but the third annual #HoHoTO – a party-sized tweetup to support the Daily Bread Food Bank – was off the chain 🙂
Ah, by the way – Tweetup def.: An event where people come together to meet and have fun, often knowing nothing about each other save the fact that all attendees are Twitter users.
Despite the fact that the event started at 7, I showed up fashionably late and flying solo due to some other important business I had to attend to. When I got in and the party was already bumpin!
I didn't take too many pictures this time around as I was too busy dancing, but it did allow me to get enough experiences for the night to write a rap out of it :).

So HoHoTO was good times 🙂 if you missed it, I dunno what you had that was better to do – but damn.
Other highlights included:
  • Winning an Eco Prize Pack ($250 value) which is well-detailed below (shout-out to Lucy for helping donate the beast of a prize!)
The basket:
And what was inside:


    • 1 – a spiffy notebook
    • 2 – new Honeywell thermostat!
    • 3 – Rocky Mountain soap products (shout-out to Melinda!)
    • Img_1853

    • 4 – a Brita filter jug (which will be used at work as soon as we figure out why our water is coming out so NASTY…)
    • 5 – an electric timer, which I was going to go buy since… I often fall asleep with the light on D:
    • 6 – a water bottle
    • 7 – the most comfortable Mountain Equipment Co-op sling bag I've ever worn
    • 8-10 – dishwashing and laundry products
    • 11 & 14 – his and hers Bullfrog t-shirts
    • 12 – Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm
    • 13 – natural nut-based soap nuts for laundry (given to a friend from church since we didn't know whether or not it worked with high efficiency laundry machines)
    • Getting a glamour shot taken on the second floor, but I'd assume I look more goofy than glamorous with the hat on
    • The taxi ride home – which involved me giving some light legal and social action advice to my cabbie, who as it turned out is East African and battling with his housing corporation and a loan company on paying back money that he doesn't have and barely makes (let's add a sick daughter to the mix…)
    All in all, one of the more interesting nights that I've had as of late. I'd tell you more, but with a plethora of blogs, sites and other sources of media out there, I think I've said enough!

    Electric Christmas 2
    #electricxmas2 was a cool event, with proceeds going to War Child Canada. I guess it was to help with Christine Estima's bid to become their ambassador for a competition she was participating in? I was a bit unclear on this, but still – support is support. It was a good night hanging with the likes of Kevin and Lucy (and yes, you too, Jazzy), while meeting new folks like Lauren O'Nizzle and Nate Kogan (albeit briefly). Sean Ward was up to bat as the MC, with talents such as Reggy and Kat Langdon lending their vocals to move the crowd 🙂 The Cellular Guru was celebrating his birthday as well and gave away a TON of phones – I'm not even playing: Blackberrys, Samsung Tablets and whatever else – I think there was an iPhone 4 in the mix, too! I didn't get one, but it was impressive enough to see the telecommunications industry donating all of these prizes to an event that was pay what you can admission and getting a gift that was $5 or less to participate in the exchange. In-sanity.
    All in all, I've been closing out 2010 on a good note and laying some foundations for what I think will be a ridiculously awesome 2011. Thanks as always for keeping an eye out on the madness I'm up to – I may have an awesome announcement for mid-next week, but gotta see how it'll pan out first 🙂
    Have a Merry Christmas one and all, and don't get trampled in the Boxing Day sales tomorrow, my fellow Canadians!
    –case p.

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