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Someone approached me months back with an interesting request — to join in a unique collaboration between a childhood staple that’s been around since many of our grandparents were in diapers and a now-global movement to bring some much-needed awareness to specific issues involving men’s health, all done in ways that stand out and start the right conversations on topics that frankly aren’t talked about enough.

This November, I’m trying my hand at Movember once more, joining Team Thomas (myself, Corey Shaw, Paul Van Huss, Mike Reynolds, Shaun Worrell, and Trevor Arsenault) in their fundraising efforts to help in the fight against ailments like prostate and testicular cancer! It’s a team made up of Dad Bloggers from across the nation, backed by Thomas & Friends, celebrating their 70th anniversary of delighting children with tales of anthropomorphic vehicles getting into all sorts of mischief!

It’s a little mind-blowing seeing my son enjoy the same show I did at his age, asking to see more “choo-choo” on the odd occasion when we let him watch some Netflix. And they’ve really upgraded the graphics, too — imagine my surprise when I saw Thomas the Tank Engine with fully animated features instead of the rolling eyes and fixed facial expressions I knew from the ’80s! Some things change, but boys and their toys don’t seem to be one of them!

Well… almost.

Give it Some Mo'—How Thomas & Friends and Movember Canada Help Men Live Better Lives!—Turbo Flip Thomas (72 ppi)

Mattel (our wonderful benefactors behind Team Thomas and everything we’re doing for Movember) was kind enough to send a Thomas & Friends Turbo Flip Thomas for Little Man to review, and he loved it… at first.

I don’t know if it was because he’s too young—maybe the toy has a 3+ age rating on the box for a reason—or just because he’s a natural scaredy-cat (I swear he doesn’t get it from me!) After a while, though, all the music and automatic movement that came with Turbo Flip Thomas’ ability to pop wheelies and do backflips eventually proved too much for the kiddo, and we needed to put poor Thomas into hiding to calm a rather upset toddler down!

Give it Some Mo'—How Thomas & Friends and Movember Canada Help Men Live Better Lives!—Little Man Plays with Turbo Flip Thomas

That said, his older cousins found it super-cool, so maybe I just need to give him a little time to grow up.

In any case, you know what comes right after November? December. And the main event that runs that month is a little something called Christmas! Think—how cool would you be if you could put a toy as talented as Turbo Flip Thomas under the tree this year?

Team Thomas x Movember Canada—A Really Great Chance at Starting to Make a Difference!

Give it Some Mo'—How Thomas & Friends and Movember Canada Help Men Live Better Lives!—Movember 2015—Old Men Getting Ready to MOVE

Let’s get real for a moment here. You can think you’re invincible all you want, but nothing will make you think about our lifespan as much as parenthood will.

As a soon-to-be Dad of two, I’m finally admitting that my body’s not as young as it used to be. I visit the chiropractor, keep up with my visual exams, and though I’m definitely inconsistent, working at changing my diet and throwing more physical activity in where I can. For me, supporting causes like Movember just makes sense, helping me stick around as long as possible to give my family the best husband and father I know how to be.

Through the rest of November, expect updates as I work on growing both the ‘stache and awareness for everything I’m up to as part of Team Thomas. We’re a long way from eradicating cancer, but with every donation, we hopefully get a little closer to the solution.

Until the next and good luck to all who enter,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Disclaimer: Yes, I’m receiving compensation for the series of posts I’m writing for Movember, but I’m taking the task seriously, doing what I can to build awareness around issues that men too often try to sweep under the rug.

There’re a ton of brands and organizations collaborating to make something like this happen, but if you want more info on the ones relevant to my journey, you can check them out below:

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I’ve been talking to my son about Movember and hoping to persuade him to participate again this month, he did last year so I have high hopes of being successful. 🙂

I know @those2gals and I had hoped to attend their Movember event yesterday at our local market but was too busy with another event…I usually support hubby each year as well.

I have several friends and family members participating. I’m definitely donating again this year.

We support the movement, but my husband rocks a Moustache and beard all year long. We don’t just support prostate cancer awareness though, we support cancer awareness in general. My father passed from esophagal cancer 8 years ago.

My guy is involved in Movember and I am supporting him by not getting upset over how his facial hair tickles, lol. I also donating money 🙂

I actually do not know anyone doing the movember thing. Kinda sad really. But I don’t get out much so I guess it’s not too suprising. I think one of my physiotherapists does it. I like to help raise awareness!

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