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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 09:56 pm

We are only limited by ourselves. Our fears and worries, our abilities and ambitions—these are only examples of the things that govern how far we can get in our lives.

However, truly being the masters of our destinies is far from an easy task. I feel like I’m burning the candle at more ends than I actually have, but also know that there’s so much more that I want to accomplish. I’m sure the same goes for so many of you out there.

We can get so lost so easily. How do we find ourselves when we get lost in a sea of thoughts or let other things take precedence over our time, leaving what might have once been our driving forces fall to the wayside?

I can offer a few suggestions…


We can often get bogged down with big projects, not knowing where to start to accomplish our goals. My suggestion? Just do something. I often find myself surrounded by piles of stuff. My hard drive is full of files that would probably be better off if I sorted them and restructured them into something useful. So pick up something that you’ve intended to do and do it. Read that article. Write that poem. Wash that dish. If you get into a regular rhythm of accomplishing little things, you’ll be far better positioned to gain momentum on the larger projects when you need it.


I’m a big fan of organizing information. I love infographics, flowcharts, mind maps—all that sort of stuff helps me organize my thoughts into more productive tools and resources. You need to know what’s important to you to get any use of all the bits and pieces around you. I’ve spent more time reading articles on how to improve health, wealth and productivity, and spent less time on becoming the best artist or musician in the world because my priorities and interests have shifted as years have passed. Learn about what makes you tick and find the tools available to you to help support those things.


We often place too much importance on items in our life and never get around to using them to their potential, because we feel that we might use them “incorrectly”. I have boxes of art supplies, technological odds and ends and documents that stand as testaments to this. Do something different with the things you have around you. Adorn things with stickers. Doodle. Bake something new. Go learn how to fix your broken computer. Things are meant to be used—not put on a shelf or in a box “just in case” or simply for adoration.

These are just examples of what you can do to make life a little more interesting! I’m sure that you can think of more (and if you do, let me know)—the world is a limitless well of creativity that we can tap into… if we let ourselves.

Sometimes I need to look at something outside of me that’s completely outside of me to help inspire me to continue to want to create and achieve. For example, here’s a video that made its rounds around the Internet a little while back called “Infinity”:

It helps to remind me that reality and whatever it does to affect me is only partly what’s around me and part how I translate it in my head.

What we always need to remember is that with enough time, patience and effort, we can all accomplish anything.

The question is, how much of those three are you willing to invest into making your dreams come true?

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