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Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 10:12 pm

Going through my draft blog posts, I came across an unpublished piece from my former life!

If you haven’t been, you’re missing out—with the decline of Toronto’s Entertainment District and the condo set looking for safe places to get their party on, the Royal Ontario Museum’s Friday Night Live (or FNLROM) has become an amazing addition to Toronto’s nightlife!

On Fridays from May 2 through June 27, from 7-11:45 PM, you can dance, explore and wander through the Museum until close—galleries are even open ’til 11 PM!

So let’s take a trip back to Spring 2012, when the ROM first started FNLROM and I discovered that the museum offered more than just a bunch of old bones!

FNLROM 2012—Rowena and Casey
Source: eCity Events

“Ain’t no party like a dino party!”

Tess Ng

Truer words were never said about what would prove to be one of my more random Friday nights in a good while!

FNLROM | From Cool to Cultural and Back Again!

Royal Ontario Museum—FNLROM May 25 2012—Band Playing at FNLROM

The Royal Ontario Museum (known as the ROM by Torontonians) is a historical staple. Throughout most of the 80s and 90s, it was just a place to go to for school trips. Much of my growing up was just down the street from the ROM, and despite its sizeable collection, my friends and I rarely gave it so much as a glance.

Fortunately, ROM Friday Night Live (or FNLROM for short) would soon change that with enough party to rock some ancient socks off!

Back when it began, FNLROM flew under the public’s radar—you could buy tickets on site and get ready for a good night!

But that didn’t last.

Royal Ontario Museum—FNLROM June 12 2012—Lily and a Statue

Two years in, you’d best go in with a battle plan! Tickets are fortunately available online—it might be the only way you’ll even get in!!!

The ROM’s the last place you’d expect something cool to go down — I’d usually go with “nerdy”, “cultural” or “old money” (with galas full of elegantly dressed guests looking like they’re dripping with money), but FNLROM’s brought the cool back to the ROM!

For a meagre $12 cover charge, you can explore, experience live music and get your groove on. With more delicious food and drink than your ROM Bucks can buy (converted at a $1:$1 rate at the entrance), it’s filled with people looking for something different and enjoying every second of it!

I’ve had my share of amazing times at FNLROM — what’ll you do with your Fridays?

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