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Last night was insane. If you’re not a Twitter user in Toronto, you might not know that last night was Twestival Toronto 2011. To sum it up, that’s equal parts:

  • Prize giveaways;
  • Karaoke contest;
  • Intense dance party;
  • Networking session; and
  • Drunken hook-up-a-thon

The last I heard before I left is that the event raised more than $16,000 for The Remix Project! I kept up 2011’s winning streak with a GelaSkins gift card and a Twestival Toronto t-shirt as one of the first 100 in the house (which I subsequently lost on the dance floor), but eventually, I had to cut my losses and leave. Twestival Toronto 2011 taught me some important lessons:

  • I’m not 19 anymore – gallivanting about and dancing like a mad man are going to have effects on my body, no matter how awesome I think I’m doing.
  • On that note, I need to stretch before these big tweetup parties. I’m not even kidding.
  • I need to follow up with the cool people I meet—it was cool to finally meet Judy and meet a whole set of other people—despite the loud music, I formed connections, which is always important to me—I don’t like just knowing people in a superficial fashion.
  • PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ MY BLOG! Which is AWESOME. Which means I won’t stop writing anytime soon 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement, guys!
  • I owe Justin a shout-out for being the genuinely nice guy that he is.
  • Business cards are an awesome way to network when no one can hear each other speak – either due to loud music or having lost your voice from the loud music…
  • It’s a small world, so I’d better make sure to behave myself (my wedding photographers were doing the red carpet photos for the event, unexpectedly!)
  • People are a lot better at wanting to get to know you once they find out you’re engaged and not trying to get into their pants.
  • Though I didn’t win at the TwestivalTO Twidol Karaoke Competition, I know I gave the best rendition of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” that I could have while recovering from a cold!
  • Preparation is key. Mine involved:
    • Eating a solid carbohydrate dinner, since I knew I’d be burning it off.
    • Drinking 2L of water, anticipating how many drinks there might be.
    • Changing to the most comfortable dress shoes I own; I would not be walking right now if it wasn’t for this
  • Those who want to, do. Those who don’t take photos, videos and tweet about it. Thus, I no longer take photos at tweetups since enough people have it covered. One less thing to carry!
  • West Indians can party. Period.

All in all, awesome evening, but I’m definitely feeling the effects today! Fun is a good thing, but even then – at this level – it needs to be done in moderation. I think it’s back to writing and sorting life out for a week or two!

If you were at Twestival, I hope you had as good a time as I did! If you didn’t make it, well—this is Twitter. This is Toronto. If there aren’t a whole ton of parties going on throughout the year, something is very wrong.

Until the next one,

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By Casey E. Palmer

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4 replies on “Twestival Toronto 2011”

It was awesome meeting you in person, Casey! You helped make the night come alive with your kickbutt karaoke. Whoot whoot, if someone has a party, make sure to call/tweet this guy right here.

Will be sure to take mental note of your tips. The stretching one, yeah, that’s a good winner.

Cheers! Keep those blog entries coming!


From all the pics and facbook-linked tweets I saw, it looked like a genuine blast! Hopefully I can make it down to the next one, save I won’t be tied up in something ridiculous… wait a second…. where are all of YOUR pics???

Thanks all for the comments and input!

@The Green Girl: That’s totally thanks to @erinleydon, who was one of my two wedding photographers who I mentioned in the post 🙂 She suggested that I take some props and just have fun — and this is me we’re talking about. That’s just how I roll 🙂

@Nadine: It was IMMENSELY fun. The number of people who had a crappy time were FAR outnumbered by those who really got into the spirit of things and just went crazy 🙂 If you’ll note my post, I didn’t even take out my camera; there’s no point — I end up using all my energy having a good time and making sure others have a good time, that I wouldn’t take the time to stop and snap a pic. Just the reality of my situation 🙂 Make it out to some tweetups, yo — they’re INSANELY fun!

@Judy: As mentioned above, GREAT meeting you and thank you for the compliments 🙂 I always want to make sure that people are having as good a time as possible — if that happens, you end up with a domino effect that leads to a better party! I’ll be juggling the odd event here and there until the wedding, but in the second half of the year, LOOK OUT! Stretching. SO IMPORTANT.

Thanks, all!

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