Who the Hell is Uncle Ray? The Most Delicious Way to Spend Your Father’s Day!

Disclaimer: The team at Uncle Ray’s sent over a Ray’s Backyard Bud & BBQ Kit (minus the Bud) for the Palmers to review. But all thoughts and opinions remain my own, and when I eat meat down to the bone… you know it’s a good sign.

The night before everything went to hell, my friend Gabe and I were supposed to have dinner. With us living on opposite sides of the city, I usually try to find somewhere in the middle to meet up, and this time it was Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor.

Or rather… we would’ve, but bowed out as the world grew dicier and everyone sent home. But if you’d told me then that our city would shut itself down and we wouldn’t sit in a restaurant proper for months to come, we might’ve reconsidered.

So for a long time, it was a remnant of the world before, one of the things on a long list that we wouldn’t get our hands on for who knows how long.

But in June 2020, that need not be the case, since Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor has both takeout and delivery options that go perfect with this weather!

Let’s Talk About All the Deliciousness Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor Has to Offer!

If you ever had a meal at Union Chicken or tried the Italian fare at Amano Pasta, you’re going to enjoy what Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor has to offer. Run by the same quartet of Michael Angeloni, Yannick Bigourdan, Dan Kennedy and Adam Teolis, its menu focuses on soul food-inspired dishes that go great with that grill you should be using as much as possible right now.

But if you want to get the most out of Uncle Ray’s and enjoy it as if you lived in a world where dine-in was still an option, you’re going to have to do a little work.

Today’s Review: The Ray’s Backyard Bud & BBQ Kit

Who the Hell is Uncle Ray — The Most Delicious Way to Spend Your Father's Day! — Food from OverheadThe Uncle Ray’s team sent over the Ray’s Backyard Bud & BBQ Kit, which makes for two days of barbecue for 3-4 people.

And they are not kidding! It includes:

  • 24 cans of BUD or BUD LIGHT* (*options for 12 cans or no beer available)
  • Ready to Grill Spiced Whole Chicken
  • Pre-Cooked Ready to Grill Pork Side Ribs
  • Hot Link Sausages
  • Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Hot Honey Butter
  • UC Carolina BBQ Sauce
  • Southern Slaw
  • Cobb Pasta Salad
  • Spicy Baked Beans

What I firmly need to emphasize to you is how delicious the food is and how easy it is to cook. I’m no gourmet chef, but I love great food, and by following the simple instructions they sent me, it made for a feast reminding us of the way things used to be. Sure, we made some extra zucchini, corn and asparagus to go with it because it’s mostly protein and carbs, but we knew who the stars of the show were!

So if you want to wow a father with something amazing this Sunday, Uncle Ray’s makes for a fantastic option, starting at $99 for the lot!

Don’t Get Burnt This Father’s Day — Get Dad Something Delicious from Uncle Ray’s!

Who the Hell is Uncle Ray — The Most Delicious Way to Spend Your Father's Day! — Table SettingSo yes—Father’s Day will be different due to COVID-19, but it doesn’t mean we need to write it off. With our country slowly coming ’round after the initial shock of the pandemic, shops like Uncle Ray’s are finding new ways to give us back a little taste of normal.

In any case, I hope you have an excellent Father’s Day, whatever it looks like. As for me? I’ll be over here dreaming dreams of hot links and ribs.

Casey out.

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By Casey E. Palmer

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Because a boring life’s not a life worth living!

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