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Last updated on February 18th, 2024 at 11:33 pm

Jaemeel is my official hero of the day! For some reason, The 2K11 24/7 XX wasn’t showing up on the blog through email (I’d post it up and all I’d get was a blank entry)—his question alerted me and got me to fix it. Thanks, bro! Hopefully, this one will work.

Sometimes you’ll feel it. That you’ve been doing too much, that you just don’t have the energy to carry on. That’s where I’m at right now—I’m dragging my heels, trying to get some things done before the weekend, and it’s just not in me. It could have something to do with the kind of week I’ve had. In review:

  • Monday: Dodgeball (where we played well and won)
  • Tuesday: Third Tuesday Toronto Meetup: Content Rules w/ C.C. Chapman
  • Wednesday: Worked 7-4:30, wedding-related errands late into the evening
  • Thursday: #ReGiftTO

I was supposed to have sushi with some friends tonight, but in all honesty, I’m a little glad it got cancelled. I can run my last errands of the week shortly after work, and then go home to unwind and piece together how I’m going to go about my weekend.

“So,” you, the reader, asks me, “What does any of this have to do with improvement?”

“Ah,” I say as I sagely lower my glasses, looking you squarely in the eyes, “Wait and see.”

Getting sleep is essential. I’m the worst at it, but it really is. Relaxation is also a great thing. Relaxation for me is mind-boggling and grates at my nerves—I always think I should be learning something new, getting an old project out of the way or just doing something. It’s probably a deep-seated mental complex, but if I haven’t passed out from working my butt off, I’m doing something wrong.

So I implore you. Don’t be like me.

You won’t live forever, granted—but who are you competing against? Your life is your own, it doesn’t belong to anyone else on this planet. You live in order to live your life best, at your own pace, for your own goals. You’re 45 and going back to school? Great! I hope it’s for something you love! Didn’t get that job you really wanted? Maybe an even better opportunity is around the corner. We never know what plans that the fates—or in my case, God—has in store for us, so my advice is to roll with the punches, live well, rest well, and don’t obsess with squeezing every last iota of productivity out of each and every day. Some days, you must simply exist for the sake of existing.

With that said, #ReGiftTO was a whole lot of fun.

I mentioned it before, but I’m really getting impressed with some of the interactions that are spawning from my blog posts. One example is a conversation I had with my friend NJ about Gary Vaynerchuk, who I’d posted about previously. NJ said:

“Since when did being honest and transparent mean you had to act like a douchebag?” in response to the video I’d put up.

It’s a very good point—the video I posted showed a passionate man who essentially expressed said passion in an expletive-laden rant about people motivating themselves to just do whatever it is they SHOULD be doing. It wasn’t elegant. It wasn’t overly verbose. It was raw truth. But yes, it could have been delivered differently. I guess that’s what I strive for: truth, honesty and support without bludgeoning people with it. I’ll tell you what you need to hear, not want to hear, but I’ll try and frame it in such a way so that you might actually listen rather than raise your defences.

And with that, my brain has ceased to function. Feel free to drop me a line on your thoughts in the comment box below—I’ll always make an effort to reply 😊

Alright, home fries, I’m out! Enjoy the weekend! (Don’t even know why I said that—I’ll still be around posting! See you then!)

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