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A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 5: Helping Kids Connect with VTech!

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You don’t realize how little space you have until you become a parent.

Now—my house is by no means puny: at 1000 square feet, I’ve been in Maasai huts a lot cosier, but we need to stay realistic about how much we can fit in our home. With a 2-year old running around and another little one on the way, when we’re not buying him the cool toys we come across in our daily travels, he’s never wanting for anything with his Grandmas, Grandpas and plenty of aunties and uncles to lavish him with gifts when they see him.

In short, Casa de Palmer’s already plenty stocked to keep Little Man entertained.

So when the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway came in the mail, I did what any rational parent whose house is already filled with too many toys would do… I hid it from him and stuffed it in the trunk so we could keep it at Grandma and Grandpa’s as a permanent fixture.

The VTech Ultimate RC Speedway — Because Children Want STIMULATION.

A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 5—Helping Kids Connect with VTech!—VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway—Packaging

I guess when my parents told me to get all my stuff out of the house once I married, I probably took it as more of a suggestion than an order. Though nearly five years later, I’ve cleared out most of my stuff (and yes, Goodwill and Value Village have been quite happy with my ongoing support), it’s a request they may come to regret, since we now have more than enough toys to fill their empty nest.

As he grows older, I see the changes—how he becomes difficult about getting out the door in the mornings because he doesn’t want to leave his toys behind. How much more comfortable he gets in his surroundings if he has something familiar to keep him grounded. I’m seeing Little Man changing before me, and so I’m learning to change along with him, relying on the village around us to help me raise the best little guy that I can!

“But Casey,” you say, “While all that’s fine and dandy, what does the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway actually do???”

Built on 13.5′ of interchangeable track, the Ultimate RC Speedway’s designed to entertain kids aged 1-5 with a remote-controlled car as it navigates a stunt ramp, elevator, gears, switches and more! With enough pieces to build courses in literally millions of configurations, it’s sure to please even the most challenging toddler tastes!

VTech—Helping Me Find New Ways to Connect With My Son… and Him With Me!

A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 5—Helping Kids Connect with VTech!—Casey and Little Man Playing

While I’d love to live in a house that has a dedicated playroom where Little Man and any future Palmers could play to their heart’s content, it’s just not in my cards right now. We’ve gotta make do with what we have, and sometimes that means not hanging on to every cool toy that comes through the door.

But I think VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway’s definitely a winner with its replay value and versatility—and with my little sleight of hand, a good reason for the kiddo to spend some extra time with his grandparents.

Because those weekends away sans kids are few and far apart!

Good luck to all who enter, and I hope no matter what you do, you’re enjoying everything the holiday season has to offer you!

Until the next,

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Have you entered all the posts in A Case Cringle Christmas???

Disclaimer: This contest wouldn’t be possible without the help of my new friends at VTech, who’ve come up with many a way to keep tiny tykes entertained that’re both enjoyable and educational.

You can learn more about VTech on their website, or through their social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest!

As for me, I’m sure my parents will find plenty for me to do to make up for filling their house with stuff all over again ?! You can catch me on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts!

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35 replies on “VTech Ultimate RC Speedway”

I try to spend as much time playing with my little one after work or on my days off + we always read before she goes to bed.

I play with my grandchildren, help them when they are being creative, listen attentively when they have something to say and have often read to them at bedtime. 🙂

We spend a lot of time with our grandson reading stories, doing crafts, going to his swimming lessons, hockey games & practices, and playing games with him. We teach him to be kind, thoughtful, and gentle with his little cousins.

Baby M is jsut starting to be interested in interactive play, so we play with dolls or stuffed animals. The big kiddo gets one on one time, plus she loves to play “with” the baby, meaning she gets down with her and plays with baby toys haha!

definitely by playing with my kids! I try to get into whatever it is they are playing with whether it be their wind up toys, barbies etc and try to interact with them through their toys

put away the phone and tablet and play with toys that are not tied to the internet. trains, boardgames, running outside etc

To connect with the little tykes in my life, I like to get on the floor and play with them. They love interaction.

So true! Casa de Mitrovic has become a baby playground and toy land heaven. My home has been over run by things that sing and giggle and move and light up but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I find my LO interacts best when we do one activity at a time. If his toys are spread out all over he just moves from one singing beeping thing to another almost overcome with which to choose. I like getting down on the floor (easier said then done at 6 months pregnant lol) and playing hands on with one toy or book at a time. We have a few VTech items which he enjoys very much. Thank you for the chance and Happy Holidays!

I read and get down on the floor with the lil ones and play with them , snuggle with them when they let me 🙂

We have dedicated family time each week. Each person in the family gets a turn picking what to do as long as it involves all of us including my toddler.

I love to send the little ones in my life various treats and gifts through the mail with a card and some love. Keeps us in their minds and also every kids loves to get things in the mail!!

I get right on the ground and play with my grandkids, it is worth a kink in my neck and a stiff lower back! ?❤️

Now that he is at a walking but not-yet-talking toddler stage, I listen to him, play with him and just try to understand his verbal and non-verbal cues. I’ll try to point out items in our daily life so he can understand what they are.

I like to get right down on the floor and play with my son – as an only child he loves having us play with him, indulging his creative thinking.

I try to include the grandkids in a lot of things around the home. We have them every-weekend for sleep overs & I always make sure there is stuff geared to each one of them as well as a trip somewhere in town special!

VTech is a great line of toys. My daughter and I read A LOT together and play with the dogs on the floor.

I let my daughter take the lead in playtime, and I follow along. So I let her instruct me on how she wants me to play.

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