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Walmer Road Baptist Church—Goodbye, Pastor Steve!

#100HappyDays: Day 27

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Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 07:38 am

It’s been just over six years since I started going to church again, invited by Sarah back when we started dating. It’s been a fun journey since, building a circle of trusted friends and peers I look forward to seeing every Sunday to start my week.

6 months in, they were looking for tech-savvy people to try their hand at managing sound, and while daunting at first, 5½ years later, I’m one of Walmer’s three sound guys, working to bring the noise every Sunday morning while we worship.

This Sunday was especially important as we bid farewell to pastor Steve Cox, who ministered at Walmer this past decade. As he resigned to a well-deserved sabbatical after our church lost a few members due to cancer these past couple of years—including his wife, a mentor and friend to us all—we had a full stage as we sent him off in style, me doing everything I could to keep it all balanced.

A great service for a great guy—we’ll miss you, Steve—thanks for everything these past years!

#100HappyDays Day 27/100—c’est tout!

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