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The Week That Was March 11th – 17th, 2018

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There’s no such thing as an overnight success.

Just looking at the week that passed, though I’m constantly updating y’all on my life, there’s sadly so much I can’t talk about. New opportunities. Projects in progress. A whole world of stuff on top of what I’m already putting out there that makes for a very promising 2018 ahead, but learning to be patient and put things out when the time is right is an ongoing lesson.

But all that? That’s future Casey’s problem. Current Casey has a week’s worth of stories, and he’s glad you’re here to read them!

So strap in, get comfy, and prepare yourself for some stories—it’s the week that was, and boy do I have seven days’ worth to tell you!

The Latest on the Blog

We had a couple of pieces this week that I’d been working on for a bit.

With tax time around the corner, Business Taxes for the Masses—Avoid Getting Annoyed Thanks to TurboTax Self-Employed couldn’t be more timely as Canadian individuals and business owners alike try to find the easiest way to account for their cash over the last year. What I’ve learned from working with the TurboTax team is there are so many tools I haven’t taken advantage of, so check that out!

The other piece I put out was Leave All The Tongues Wagging with a Shiny Volkswagen, which I put together after they invited me to visit their exhibit at this year’s Canadian International Auto Show, with family-oriented attractions that kept me interested!

If you’re looking for an auto review that’s more story than specs, do I ever have you covered.

This Week in Social

As per usual, I invested many an hour on social media this past week, chatting about everything from the dope Greek restaurant I tried while reconnecting with my chef friend of seventeen years; how happy I am that another Canadian dad blogger’s entering the fray on our nation’s western coast, and some of the sketching I’m getting up to thanks to Procreate and my iPad Pro!

Feel free to check some slices of my life out below!

SCENE: Sarah’s blowdrying her hair in the front hallway as I’m taking a shower. Our youngest, X, notices her there and wants to be picked up.

*He walks over to Sarah*

X: “UP! UP!”

*Sarah does nothing, as she’s busy blowdrying her hair*

*He walks off, goes to the kitchen, and returns with a step stool*

X (now on top of the step stool): “UP! UP!”

Because clearly, Sarah just couldn’t hear him from that high before.

Other People’s Platforms (You Down with OPP???)

While it was a slow week for guest content (you’d think it was March Break or something), my old friend Christine Panourgias asked for my input on her guest piece for EntreLaunch of what an entrepreneur looks like. To me, it’s the same person it’s always been—my Dad.

Otherwise, I do have a couple of podcast appearances coming up shortly as well as plenty of other things in the works, but all in due time.

The Week That Was… a week with more planning than action, but I’ll take it.

So that’s the week that was!

While I didn’t knock anything out of the park, sometimes life’s just like that. But while I’m here, I’ll mention a few other things you might be interested in before I go:

  • The Kanye Madness Bracket by Carrington Harrison is in its third round on Twitter—the “Sweet Sixteen”—where he’s pitted Yeezy songs against each other to see which one comes out on top. It’s one of the best uses of Twitter polls I’ve seen in forever and a ton of fun! Check it out!
  • And another Dad I’ve gotten to know through the blogging circle—Jason Mageehas a GoFundMe up to help with the costs associated with medical transport in dealing with his diabetes and chronic kidney disease. He’s $320 away from his goal, so if you’ve got a little to spare, why not help a brother out?

Anyway—that’s enough for now. If I keep going, I won’t have enough time to do anything worth telling in the next weekly wrap-up! So I’m off to be a Dad and work on all that hush-hush stuff I can’t tell you about. But thank you for continuing to check my stuff out, and I look forward to seeing you in the next post!

‘Til then, I remain,

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