The Week That Was... October 11-17, 2015 (Featured Image)

The Week That Was… October 11th-17th, 2015

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I struggled a lot with this week’s The Week That Was, trying to get in the right headspace to write on everything that happened. These seven days weren’t extraordinarily good nor bad—with how hectic my life usually is, you could even call them tame. I burned through page after page trying to get it right, but I couldn’t get it flowing as I wanted—a story worth reading for an audience that expects as much of me as I do of myself wasn’t within grasp, no matter how much I hustled.

But just because something’s hard doesn’t mean you don’t do it—sometimes you need to find another approach to getting your story across!

Sarah’s suggested focusing on the week’s highlights — especially after last week’s tome — and maybe she has the right idea. Not all days are equal—why bother trying to force my story into an artificial structure when I don’t need to?

So this week I’m looking at the bigger picture—the highlights making the week what it was, leaving the things that don’t really matter where they belong: in the past, not sticking around to clutter my thought process today.

Let’s look at The Week That Was and the things that kept it all interesting.

Thanks for Thanksgiving

As we do every year on October’s third weekend, we celebrated Thanksgiving with both sides of the family, spending time in Rexdale and Sauga as we caught up with parents, siblings, and anyone else who’d come along for the ride. The food was on point as usual (thanks in part to Butterball hooking both sides up with turkeys for the holiday season!), but what really impressed me this Thanksgiving was how much Little Man came out of his shell around family and got comfortable with everyone! We’re spent the last couple of years fostering the idea that he can play with family other than his parents, but this was the first time he did it without us having to do a thing.

It was a Thanksgiving miracle!

Also, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, I gave the $80 that was left on my Subway gift card to a friend who could use it far more than I could. Sure, it was great to go downstairs on my lunch breaks and gorge without having to pay for it, getting to know the staff who’d often give me perplexed looks, wondering why I’d spend so much money on sandwiches of all things… but none of us live life isolated from the world around us. We often forget to brighten other people’s days—not just our own.

The Bat Flip Heard the World ‘Round

There’s absolutely no way you were in Toronto this past week without hearing about the bat flip that rocked the world of baseball when José Bautista knocked one out of the park to seal an American League East Division victory for the Blue Jays!

It was such a moment for even us casual fans that I had to buy a shirt to mark the occasion…

And hey—for those more fashionably daring than I, perhaps you’d like to try your hand at preparing for the Xmas season a little early…

Team Trolling Does a Lazy Friday

It’d been a while since I’d seen the gang. I never made it out because, you know, parenthood. But within three hours of reuniting…

  • Marcel convinced me to buy a North Face Insulated Sawtooth Jacket after waffling so much on a coat purchase last year and freezing for it.
  • I’d stuffed plenty of Popeye’s to my face, taking in all the delicious that greasy goodness had to offer
  • I’d become the proud new owner of a Bosch Tassimo T20, with Lily wanted to free space up in her condo and Sarah wanting delicious coffee every morning.

Watching the first game of the Jays/Royals series in the Media Room at Lily’s building gave us a chance to catch up, but with a hard-fought loss and the long weeks we all had, I think we’d all seen more energetic days.

But you know—that’s just part of growing up.

A Schwinning Saturday

Putting a heckuva week behind me, I wrapped things up with a ride around the neighbourhood on my Schwinn Onus, seeing what it was like to own a bike again. The weather’s determined to keep us inside in hibernation mode, but it’s way too early to give up on biking—I definitely have a few rides left in me before we’re knee-high in snow!

Also—can I say how awesome life must be for a toddler??? We hosted Sarah’s good friend for some afternoon tea, and as an aunt to two kids herself, she knows how jealous kids can get when a new sibling’s thrown into the mix. She gave us some great advice, and brought over a gift not only for the new kid on the block but also for Little Man who hasn’t stopped playing with his truck since!

We’re blessed to know such good people!

And there you have it—another week in the life of a man named Casey Palmer, trying to make the most of days even when they’re not the greatest. Seven days of the balancing act between family, blogs and the 9-5, ensuring that no part suffers because another’s gotten too busy.

The weeks aren’t always exciting, filled with things that’ll blow your mind, but life stories are built with many little steps—and this is just another one!

Until the next,

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